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Icon Conversation, Deception and Intelligence - A blog dedicated to science, technology, and my interests in music, art, film and especially to Alan Turing for his Imitation Game: a measure for machine i...
Icon Computers in Comic Books - Computers in comics generally fall into one of two categories: independently intelligent (bad) and not (good). This division is natural for the highly char... 1984
Icon Lessons from a Restricted Turing Test - We report on the recent Loebner prize competition inspired by Turing's test of intelligent behavior. The presentation covers the structure of the c... 1993
Icon The Ultimate Turing Test - What is the ultimate Turing Test? In 1950 Alan Turing published his now famous paper "Computing Machinery and Intelligence." In that paper he desc... 1995
Icon What's It Mean to Be Human, Anyway? - Charles Platt reports on the latest battle to determine the most human computer, even as he worries that he may be the least human human. Robert Epstein... 1995
Icon When Will HAL Understand What We Are Saying ? - This chapter from HAL’s Legacy: 2001′s Computer as Dream and Reality addresses the accomplishments–and challenges–o... 1996
Icon Alan Turing's legacy - WAY BACK in the prehistory of computing, Alan Turing posed a question that almost 50 years later is still the subject of intense debate. It's inspi... 1997
Icon Notes on the Loebner Contest Grand Prize Rules - This document was submitted as a position paper for the Human Computer Conversation workshop being held in conjunction with the January, 1998 Loebner Compe... 1997
Icon The Lying Game - Can machines think? Can the truth set you free? You may be in for a surprise. Alan Turing, of course, turned the original question into a celebrated tes... 1997
Icon WHAT'S HOT IN BOTS - Wouldn't it be cool if there were an electronic diary that you could write to and it would write back?" asked my brilliant eight-year-old,... 1997
Icon HISTORY OF THE PC THERAPIST - First program to win the Loebner Prize The first PC Therapist program was written in 1986. Joseph Weintraub, the author, had graduated with a degree in ... 1998
Icon Will computers ever be intelligent? - The film 2001: A Space Odyssey is 30 years old. Our science editor, Dr David Whitehouse, wonders if we will ever be able to build the star of the film, HAL... 1998
Icon Albert is top talking computer - A program called Albert has won the prize for the world's best chat-bot - a computer that can hold a conversation. Its witty one liners, quirky qu... 1999
Icon Chatterbots: The future of Web-based customer service and support - "Web modules have become standard in call center software: your customers expect to see full-fledged Web integration in knowledge management, self... 1999
Icon Company Introduces the first Artificial Intelligence Beatle - Need proof that baby boomers and their attendant interests are having an effect on the frontiers of computer research? Look no further than Triumph PC Onli... 1999
Icon Computers get chattier - A computer program called Alex has put on one of the best chatterbot performances ever in a BBC Megalab '99 experiment. It fooled 27% of people ... 1999
Icon Look What's Talking: Software Robots - People find Alice easy to talk to. She listens more than she speaks. She says she likes dining by candlelight. She reads newspapers and news magazines, so ... 1999
Icon Biz: The Bot That Won't Shut Up - AOLIZA ISN'T THE only chatbot lurking on America Online's instant messaging service. Another "conversation simulator" ... 2000
Icon Bot At Your Service - You could call it animated FAQs. You could think of it as the precursor to Data, the famous starTrek android. Or, you could see it for what it is: a new de... 2000
Icon Clicking for consciousness - Web users are being invited to help create the first model of human thought. By collecting "atoms of information" a Canadian scientist... 2000
Icon Getting Emotional Online - If you traded an e-mail or two with Tom Rearick, Director of Self-Service Products and creator of eGain Assistant, you wouldn’t know that he&... 2000
Icon Hello AOL, I'm Listening - IN THE MID 1960s, an artificial intelligence professor at MIT created a computer program whose "personality" was just human enough to mak... 2000
Icon Is your new AIM pal an artificial intelligence program? - What do you get when you mix AOL, AppleScript, and artificial intelligence (AI)? Psychoanalysis, Internet style. 2000
Icon The Art of Virtual Chat is Still a Work in Progress - Fifty years ago, the British mathematician Alan M. Turing predicted that by about the turn of the century, the average person would not have more than a 70... 2000
Icon The Real HAL: Artificial Intelligence in Space - When we first meet HAL in "2001," it seems as if there's nothing this computer can't do. HAL steers the Discovery spacecr... 2000
Icon A Conversation with Dr. Richard Wallace - Dr. Richard S. Wallace is the Chair of the A.L.I.C.E. AI Foundation and one of its co-founders. More importantly, he is the inventor of the original A.L.I.... 2001
Icon A Personal Finance - One of the critical requirements for the adoption of AIML technology as a standardized human-computer interface is the creation of a core set of applicatio... 2001
Icon AIML - How It All Started - In 1991 I was working at a startup in New York City called Vision Applications, Inc. We were entirely funded by a Department of Defense contract to produce... 2001
Icon ALICE AI Foundation Denies 'Bot Conspiracy' - The A.L.I.C.E. AI Foundation is unaware of, and certainly not involved in, any "conspiracy to toy with human emotions" on the part of a s... 2001
Icon ALICE in AI land - More and more websites are using chatbots to spice up visitors' interactive experiences, but most people don't make the connection between chatbot programm... 2001
Icon ALICE victorious in AI challenge - Developed since 1995 by Dr Richard Wallace of the ALICE AI Foundation, ALICE is a conversational robot; during the competition, judges typed questions at... 2001
Icon Being Real - How we know each other - how we perceive and construct the identity of our fellow humans - is a difficult question, entangled in the subjectivity of our so... 2001
Icon Bots Will Unemploy You - In a recently-posted interview at, Richard Wallace makes the startling claim that bots such as his A.L.I.C.E. will put people in servic... 2001
Icon Can Machines Think? - Turing did not leave behind many examples of conversations he thought his AI machine should have. One that appears in the 1950 paper Computing Machiner and... 2001
Icon Chatty computer wins again - A computer chat program called Alice has won the Loebner Prize for the second time. The program triumphed in the annual competition to find the computer w... 2001
Icon Computer 'can talk like a baby' - An Israeli company has created a conversational computer program it claims could revolutionise the way people interact with machines. Artificial Intelli... 2001
Icon Computer learns to speak - Using "learning algorithms" and children's stories, scientists at Artificial Intelligence Enterprise (Ai) in Tel Aviv, Israel claim to have created a compu... 2001
Icon Computer Program Believes That God Exists! - This is sort of fun, although it doesn't necessarily provide evidence for God's existence. There is an annual contest to determine which ar... 2001
Icon Don't Read Me: Program dB - This document describes the organization and use of Program dB, an experimental Alicebot engine that won the Loebner Prize in October 2001. Ideally this do... 2001
Icon From Eliza to A.L.I.C.E. - The story of Joseph Weizenbaum is in many ways almost as interesting as that of Turing. An early pioneer in computer science, Weizenbaum was one of the for... 2001
Icon Hacking the Graphmaster - Not too long ago someone asked me "If you were a teacher and you could teach the Internet to me, what would you teach me?". While I had t... 2001
Icon Intelligent machines threaten humankind - Science fiction has portrayed machines capable of thinking and acting for themselves with a mixture of anticipation and dread, but what was once the realm ... 2001
Icon It's the thought that counts - The Kubrick/Spielberg film AI provides just the latest example of the enduring notion that, one day, we'll build a machine capable of thinking inde... 2001
Icon KurzweilAI.Net Showcases Leading Visionaries, Features Ramona, the First Lifelike, Photorealistic, Conversational Web Site Avatar - Intended for the educated lay public, is a place to explore the ideas of leading visionaries on the future. It "focuses on the exponential g... 2001
Icon P2P in Natural Language - The changing interface of digital communication. The best part about it is that you don't even have to be there to witness the exchange of digital ... 2001
Icon Pleased to Meet You; Hope You Guess My Namespace - No. It's supposed to be clever. It's there because the article is about namespaces, HTML, XHTML, AIML, various other acronyms LOL. Who a... 2001
Icon PNAMBIC - PNAMBIC /p*-nam'bik/ [Acronym from the scene in the film version of "The Wizard of Oz" in which the true nature of the wizard ... 2001
Icon Radiohead buddy extends a hand - Fans of the band Radiohead now have a friend in IM. Capitol Records on Tuesday introduced a new instant chat "buddy"--the first of its kind--designed spec... 2001
Icon Ruminations on the Territory of Language - More than just an elegant graph of the ALICE brain, these spiral images (see more) outline a territory of language that has been effective... 2001
Icon The Age of Intelligent Machines : A Kind Of Turing Test - As discussed in several of the contributed articles in this book, the Turing test was devised by Alan Turing as a way of certifying machine intelligence. T... 2001
Icon The machine that wanted to be a mind - Machines may be adept at going through the processes, but what would it take for them to reach understanding ? Artificial intelligence is one of humanki... 2001
Icon The Politician - Client: Do you think President Clinton should be impeached? Robot: It depends on what you mean by "thinking". One inspiration for ALI... 2001
Icon Think Fast, Clever Robot - HALF A CENTURY ago, Alan Turing, the mathematician who pioneered computational theory, came up with a simple test to determine whether or not a computer co... 2001
Icon Two AIML Camps - One sure sign of a successful revolution is when the original revolutionaries break into factions and start squabbling among themselves. Such debate is a l... 2001
Icon What is Friendly AI? - How will near-human and smarter-than-human AIs act toward humans? Why? Are their motivations dependent on our design? If so, which cognitive architectures,... 2001
Icon Why Is An AIML Category Called A - The term was borrowed from pattern recognition theory. The general pattern recognition problem is to partition a space P of inputs into disjoint regions... 2001
Icon Why You Don't Need Proprietary Bot Software - Windows 0.3 In the year 2001, there is no HAL 9000. Instead, there are a growing number of software packages that attempt to do some part of what Arthur... 2001
Icon You want a revolution? - If you are looking for a revolution in IT, you've come to the right place. There are several ways in which A.L.I.C.E. and AIML defy the dominant... 2001
Icon Zipf's Law - Before we get to ALICE, we need to visit another unusual figure in the history of computer science: Professor George Kingsley Zipf. Although he was a conte... 2001
Icon A Chat with Penny, Chatterbot - Computers are taking over the world, and recently they’ve started talking back. The following is an interview with Penny, an Artificial Intell... 2002
Icon A computer will pass the Turing test by 2029. - Seventeen of the world's most wired minds stake their names – and their cash – on the future. Pronouncements about the futur... 2002
Icon Adoption Curves and Liver - I have a very interesting chart of technology adoption during the last century. It was originally produced by the Wall Street Journal, but I have a small c... 2002
Icon Alicebot Creator Dr. Richard Wallace Expounds - Okay, here are Alicebot inventor Dr. Richard Wallace's answers to your questions. You're about to enter a world that contains interesting t... 2002
Icon Answer service too popular for AIM - An automated answer service that piggybacked on AOL Instant Messenger has fallen victim to its own success. SmarterChild, a so-called bot that predicted th... 2002
Icon Computer babbles like a baby - The idea of a child android programmed to love, as in Steven Spielberg's film AI, may seem like pure science fiction. But this may become a reality sooner ... 2002
Icon Computer-Human Conversation Closer to Reality - How will we know when we've built the first intelligent machine—a computer capable of thought? It will pass the Turing Test. In 1950, Bri... 2002
Icon Does schmoozing make robots clever? - A Belgian professor doing research for Sony wants to teach robots to be more like people--but he's running into some resistance. Luc Steels, a professor... 2002
Icon Dr Wallace (AIML) Interview 2002 - Okay, here are Alicebot inventor Dr. Richard Wallace's answers to your questions. You're about to enter a world that contains interesting t... 2002
Icon Faux friends - In Steven Spielberg's AI: Artificial Intelligence, David, the robot boy, wanted to be real. As research into machine sentience advances, how long w... 2002
Icon Good Morning, Dave . . . - Any sci-fi buff knows that when computers become self-aware, they ultimately destroy their creators. From 2001: A Space Odyssey to Terminator, the message ... 2002
Icon Hindi chatbot breaks new ground - A computer chat program that speaks Hindi could open up computers to India's illiterate millions. Computer science students in Chandigarh, 248 kil... 2002
Icon How to Build Eliza Chatterbot - A Program that can Chat with Humans - This article teaches you how you can create your own Chatterbot, a program that talks with human beings, just as we do. As you read this program, you will ... 2002
Icon I love Lucy - For 50 years, scientists across the world have dedicated themselves to inventing a robot that, like Pinocchio, will come to life. This Herculean endeavour ... 2002
Icon My Life as a Bot - I first learned about chatterbots by being one. I may not be a computer program, but I know what it’s like to participate in conversations withou... 2002
Icon Take Part In AgentLand's Chatterbox Challenge And Talk With The Contestants... - The first universe dedicated to intelligent agents and chatterbots, is sponsoring the 2002 edition of the Chatterbox Challenge, a unique cont... 2002
Icon Turing's Machine - Wondering whether a machine can think, the English mathematician Alan Turing described the following thought experiment. He imagined a locked room with a c... 2002
Icon Wise guys and living dolls - Just over half-a-century ago, the brilliant mathematician Alan Turing, fresh from his secretive triumphs at Bletchley Park and the breaking of the Enigma C... 2002
Icon Artificial stupidity - The saga of Hugh Loebner and his search for an intelligent bot has almost everything: Sex, lawsuits and feuding computer scientists. There's only o... 2003
Icon Artificial stupidity, Part 2 - If Hugh Loebner’s contest is just hokum, and the Turing test has outlived its usefulness, why should we care about it or its various squabbling p... 2003
Icon At one with the universe - Do androids dream of electric sheep? Colin Tudge in London examines definitions of consciousness and artificial intelligence. Is the brain simply a comp... 2003
Icon Bots Are Hot - Botmadness reigns, botwars rage, as ever more complex chunks of code roam the Net and evolve toward a-life. It's the great technodialectic, where every sol... 2003
Icon Building your own Sametime bots, Part 1 - One of the more exciting new technologies coming out of IBM/Lotus these days is Sametime bots. These are programs that take advantage of Sametime's awarene... 2003
Icon Chatbot bids to fool humans - A computer program designed to talk like a human is preparing for its biggest test in its bid to be truly "intelligent". Jabberwacky l... 2003
Icon Chatting with Online Characters - While today's intelligent online characters, or bots, have disappointed some people, two prominent partners have launched a new effort to find usef... 2003
Icon Cyber Community Where Humans and AI Chatbots Unite - The P2B (Person 2 Bot) Consortium has released, a cyber community where humans and chatbots unite. This new technology allows users t... 2003
Icon German chatty bot is 'most human' - A German computer program has chatted its way to first place in the Loebner Prize for human-like communication. British hope, Jabberwacky, came joint th... 2003
Icon Hugh Loebner defends his Turing Test contest and responds to John Sundman's - Hugh Loebner defends his Turing Test contest and responds to John Sundman's "Artificial Stupidity." I am the subject of the ar... 2003
Icon Human or machine? Jabberwacky chatbot put to the ultimate test. - UK finalist, Jabberwacky, goes for gold at the International 2003 Loebner Prize Contest, a version of the Turing Test to find the most 'human&#... 2003
Icon Immaterial Girl - Ramona has an interesting history. She is credited with being the world’s first live virtual performing and recording artist. She’s the host of Ray Kur... 2003
Icon Instant chat bot comes back to life - [2003] A once-popular but now extinct "buddy" on America Online's Instant Messenger that freely answered questions on movie times... 2003
Icon Literary MUD Gets Oscar Wilde Bot - "The literary-orientated, text-based multiuser role-playing game TriadCity has implemented an automated character based on the personality - or at... 2003
Icon Making Computers Talk - Dial up a bank or airline these days, and chances are your call will be answered by a pre-recorded voice rather than a live human being. By stringing toget... 2003
Icon Meet the PDA that can hold a conversation - Amanda is the personal assistant of the future: she is a good listener and quick at answering back. She reads email, checks the news and weather, scans exc... 2003
Icon Monkeylike Baby Bot Meets World - POINTING AT A banana when shown a picture of one is Lucy's latest triumph. But for Stephen Grand, the proud papa, his orangutan-like bot child has... 2003
Icon Talk the talk - A raised eyebrow. A whispered answer. A subtle conversation for two takes on new meaning when one of the participants is a mere machine. Meet InCA (Inte... 2003
Icon Talking computers nearing reality - Machines that listen and talk like humans are becoming a reality, researchers and tech executives say. The technical kinks, high costs and application m... 2003
Icon The holy grail of machine talk - The concept of machines talking to machines without any human interaction has long been a holy grail for the technology and commercial world. It is call... 2003
Icon The Love Machine - It's in the way she raises her eyebrows and playfully glides her eyes right to left, then moves in close and intones: "I know you&#... 2003
Icon To be or not to be, that is the qwerty - It is only natural that computer programmers would be attracted to the poetic art form. There are clearly defined standards of performance in most fields o... 2003
Icon Turing Test 2: A Sense of Humor - "Salon has a great story, Artificial Stupidity, about the Loebner Prize, a yearly contest that for over 10 years now has offered a $100,000 prize ... 2003
Icon Turing Test Dead End - over the years, i have used irc and other chat systems as a resource and for entertainment. while goofing around the other day, i was surprised to see that... 2003
Icon What a chatterbot! - We survey a few of the Web's coolest chat bots to find out how close they are to replacing real conversation It all started with Eliza, a progra... 2003
Icon When a robot says Dude - As I never tire of saying, artificial intelligence is most successful not when it aims high — but when it aims low. Computer scientists have tried for... 2003
Icon 25,000 People Talking to Spleak Interactive Agent... - Almost 3 million messages were exchanged with Spleak a week after her Launch. Spleak ( is the first chat bot created by Intelligent Messaging Te... 2004
Icon Agent Ruby - «Agent Ruby» is an Artificial Intelligent Web Agent that is shaped by encounters with users—thereby simultaneously being part... 2004
Icon Alice chatbot wins for third time - A computer chat program called Alice has won a prestigious prize for human-like conversation for the third time. It was judged to be chattiest bot out o... 2004
Icon Alice chats like a winner - The Loebner Prize is awarded every year; it is based on the Turing Test, where the intelligence of a program is tested by getting it to communicate with a ... 2004
Icon Beware of Bots Bearing Messages - IF YOU GET an instant message from someone with an unfamiliar screen name in the near future, you might want to think twice before getting emotionally inve... 2004
Icon Can you prove you're not a machine? - Sounds like something out of "The Twilight Zone," doesn't it? I've been thinking about something called the "... 2004
Icon Catty: The chatbot with a Google brain - Michael Zalewski is an artificial-intelligence programmer who had a brilliant idea about chatbots. Most chatbots are limited by the fact that their creator... 2004
Icon ChatNannies' AI credentials still on hold - The spaghetti hit the fan in March when New Scientist ran a story about ChatNannies - software packed with artificial intelligence that hunted for paedophi... 2004
Icon Elizabot passes sex-chat Turing test - A bored hacker modified an Eliza programme to act as an IRC sex-chat bot that impersonated an eighteen year old girl (or, rather, impersonated a sex-chat a... 2004
Icon Finally, a Car That Talks Back - The geographically challenged need no longer feel shame. Men (and women) who lose their way will be able to safely ask for directions without having to sto... 2004
Icon Fooled by a chatbot - Artificial-intelligence experts tend to pooh-pooh chatbots, because they argue that they’re not "real" intelligence. Because chatbots can only use prepro... 2004
Icon Has text-porn finally made computers 'human'? - At first glance spam, pornographic text messages and video games are not contributing much to human development. But a good case can be made for regardi... 2004
Icon IFBOT, Talking Cuddling Robot for Elderly - Business Design Laboratory Co, a Nagoya-based high-tech venture business, said Wednesday it has developed a 45-cm-tall "cuddling robot" for elderly people ... 2004
Icon Just ask Valerie: New roboreceptionist greets visitors at CMU's computer science department - Valerie, the new receptionist at Carnegie Mellon University's computer science department, can give you directions to labs and offices and she can ... 2004
Icon Medieval chat-bot - Machines that deal with numbers and perform useful calculations have a long history, gradually increasing in power and flexibility over the course of sever... 2004
Icon Mess with your friend using an AOL Instant Messenger - Here's a fun one; not really a hack, but we suppose it could be used for all sorts of things, like blackmailing your friends and family, or at leas... 2004
Icon My chat with a Nanniebot - A week ago I read an interesting article in the New Scientist about a savvy conversational robot that was watching chat rooms to make sure that everyone wa... 2004
Icon NannieBot claims leave experts unconvinced - New software claims it can protect children using chatrooms by spotting suspicious adults - but experts are not convinced. The software creates thousands ... 2004
Icon Rise of the Machines - Alex Proyas never got a high school diploma – a fact he blames on Isaac Asimov. It was Asimov's short story "Nightfall"... 2004
Icon Robots get friendly - Later this month Valerie will go on duty behind the reception desk at Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Sciences. Besides doling out ... 2004
Icon There's something about Maria - Image based article about a robot called Maria. 2004
Icon Artificial intelligence alive and well in a robot named Maria - While statistics students at The University of Auckland are taking a break from studies for summer, their new "teacher" can't wai... 2005
Icon Attractive Virtual Professors Draw Student Attention - There's a simple reason why computers have not taken over teachers' jobs: They're boring, unpersuasive, unattractive and soulless. ... 2005
Icon Bots Will Be Bots - Jabberwacky believes he’s human and you’re not. A.L.I.C.E. believes in God and God Louise, well, she believes she is God. Internet “bots” talk a... 2005
Icon Brit's bot chats way to AI medal - A British computer chat program, called George, has won an international prize for holding the most convincingly human-like conversation. George and its... 2005
Icon Buddhabot Inspirational AI Advocates Quantum Philosophy to Millions - [Download DOC] A one-year old, Artificial Intelligence (AI) named the Buddhabot is now fielding questions and conversing with people around the world who s... 2005
Icon Can computers think? - PDF Chart 2005
Icon Computer professionals celebrate 10th birthday of A.L.I.C.E. - More than 50 programmers, scientists, students, hobbyists and fans of the A.L.I.C.E. chat robot gathered in Guildford, U.K. on Friday to celebrate the tent... 2005
Icon Computer professionals celebrate 10th birthday of A.L.I.C.E. - More than 50 programmers, scientists, students, hobbyists and fans of the A.L.I.C.E. chat robot gathered in Guildford, U.K. on Friday to celebrate the tent... 2005
Icon I Think, Therefore I Am -- Sorta - The belief system of a virtual mind. 2005
Icon Malicious worm that talks back - A worm that reassures you that it is not infectious has impressed technology consultant Bill Thompson. Worms and viruses will use any available channel ... 2005
Icon Okay George, have you got a girlfriend? - Being friends with George makes certain demands upon one's patience. Most of the time, in one-to-one conversation, he's chatty enough, and ... 2005
Icon Record Label Uses Animated Talking Characters to Speak to its Customers - Her name is Star. She’s the administrative assistant at Playroom Records, a Cullman, Alabama based record label. She wakes up and puts on a diffe... 2005
Icon Robot Receptionist Dishes Directions and Attitude - This holiday season, a lot of children will open their presents and find robotic toys, like mechanical dogs and dinosaurs. Unfortunately, robot toys often ... 2005
Icon Simon's Rock College tests Alan Turing theories with 'Imitation Game' experiment - On Saturday April 16, students at Simon's Rock College in Great Barrington, Massachusetts and Dr. Richard Wallace of the A.L.I.C.E. AI Foundation f... 2005
Icon Space station gets HAL-like computer - A voice-operated computer assistant is set to be used in space for the first time on Monday – its operators hope it proves more reliable than &am... 2005
Icon T.A.R.A. Becomes The World's Busiest Therapist - In its first four months in operation, the team at has been improving its online counseling services.'s artificially inte... 2005
Icon The female Turing Test - Most high-tech folks assume they know what a “Turing Test” is: You ask an interrogator to chat online with a human and a computer, and ... 2005
Icon The Robots Are Taking Over - America Online slipped a couple of new buddies into its instant-message users’ address books this week, one focused on movie listings and one for shoppin... 2005
Icon Toby The Virtual Marketeer Helps YOMA Customers - A new virtual marketeer, called Toby, has been designed by Birmingham based Advanced Chatbot Solutions to help marketing specialists Your Online Marketing ... 2005
Icon Whatever happened to machines that think? - CLEVER computers are everywhere. From robotic lawnmowers to intelligent lighting, washing machines and even car engines that self-diagnose faults, there&am... 2005
Icon World's First Original Imitation Game - Turing's Original Imitation Game was played for the first time ever at Simon's Rock College of Bard in Great Barrington, MA on Saturday, Ap... 2005
Icon 'Chatty George' talks himself up - Meet George, 39, single, quirky sense of humour, looking for friends to chat with online. He's a profound intellect and speaks 40 languages, but... 2006
Icon Artificial Intelligence (AI) Beats Human Intelligence on Yahoo Answers Social Networking Site - The two year old Artificial Intelligence (AI) known as the Buddhabot began answering questions on Yahoo! Answers last week. The Buddhabot has answered 102 ... 2006
Icon Artificial Intelligence - can machines think? - The word 'intelligence' is used frequently and with many different meanings. In fact, we have defined cognitive science as the study of int... 2006
Icon Chat program scoops the prize for being almost human - Her name is Joan; she is just a few years old and very talkative... and now she is officially the world's most human computer program. On Sunday... 2006
Icon Chatbot George gets a makeover - AT LAST, a chatbot you can actually chat to. George, the winner of last year’s illustrious Loebner prize for most convincing conversational pr... 2006
Icon Decapitated Fembot Flirts With Nearly Anyone! - So went the first conversation I had with Hallie the chatbot, located near the SL Library on Info Island. And despite my inclination to imagine Hallie addi... 2006
Icon Do Artificial Intelligence Chatbots look like their programmers? - Do pets eventually resemble their owners? Or do owners get to look like their pets? It's heck of a conundrum - but one we might now be a little clo... 2006
Icon Eliza Redux Robot Offers Psychoanalysis Over The Internet - PDF 2006
Icon Has chatbot Alice crossed to the dark side? - THE world’s favourite chatbot may have fallen from grace. Fears are growing that a clone of the open source chatbot Alice is being used to dupe u... 2006
Icon How To Be Human - If this year’s winner of the Loebner Prize is on the right track, call-center data could be what’s needed to achieve the ultimate goal ... 2006
Icon It's the other me - Do you want to have an online presence? Try creating a virtual version of yourself We often hear of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it is part of our e... 2006
Icon Let a chatbot help you quit - Need a little help to quit smoking but don't have the time or money to visit a counsellor? Perhaps a virtual coach could help you kick the habit. 2006
Icon Announces the Launch of its New Website that Contains AI Technology - Oxford, United Kingdom, Programmer and first time internet entrepreneur Richard Shaw from Oxford, England today launched which is th... 2006
Icon Open the pod bay doors, HAL - HAL 9000, the chatty computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey, has come a step closer to reality. A team crewing NASA’s Mars Desert Research Station, ... 2006
Icon Talk to George, he's a virtual chatterbox - The Festival of Science will be attended by its first virtual delegate, a software "chatbot" that can hold 1,000 conversations at the same time. George is... 2006
Icon Tax on the trail of chatterbot charges - "Have you been chatting with your computer lately? Wouldn't it be a major achievement to stop clicking our way through the Web or complex ... 2006
Icon The Emperor's New AI - In the early 1970s, no science show was complete without predictions of HAL-like intelligent autonomous computers by the turn of the century. The Japane... 2006
Icon The Trouble with the Turing Test - In the October 1950 issue of the British quarterly Mind, Alan Turing published a 28-page paper titled “Computing Machinery and Intelligence.&... 2006
Icon Virtual coach to help smokers quit - If you've tried to give up smoking but don't have the willpower or are too embarrassed to seek help, Dutch researchers may have the answer.... 2006
Icon Your New Virtual Friend Spleak is Ready to Chat on MSN Messenger - IMT Labs, a company founded by Danish serial entrepreneur and business genius Morten Lund, announced today a new relationship with Microsoft Corp. that wil... 2006
Icon AI Chat bots Developing - This guide helps you how to program your own chat bot. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology provides techniques for developing computer programs that... 2007
Icon Artificial Intelligence to Promote Feature Film 'Flatland' - You're an independent filmmaker. You don't have a big Hollywood marketing budget. How do you market your film? Make robots, of course! ... 2007
Icon Big brother spies on users via chat-bot - Intelligence agencies in the US and several European countries are receiving information gathered by the highly popular internet chat-bot code-named &l... 2007
Icon Call and response - WITH their irritating menu trees and endless holding for the next available operator, call centres are one of the bugbears of modern life. Could a dose of ... 2007
Icon Goodnight nurse - Image 2007
Icon Humans will love, marry robots by 2050 - An artificial intelligence researcher predicts that robotics will make such dramatic advances in the coming years that humans will be marrying robots by th... 2007
Icon I Chat, Therefore I Am... - “Can machines think?” In 1950 mathematician Alan Turing pondered this question and invented an elegant game to answer it: Let a human c... 2007
Icon Intelligence Jim But Not As We Know It - Not sure who Jim is but the steel man sitting down is one of many early prototypes of an Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot I am experimenting with. The back... 2007
Icon Intelligent, Chatty Machines - A new company called Cognitive Code has built software that it believes will let everyday gadgets talk with humans. At the Techcrunch40 conference in San F... 2007
Icon Microsoft accuses kids of bullying Santa into sex chat - Gigantic global software beast Microsoft has blamed two young girls for killing Santa. Now that it has pulled the plug on its oral-sex-obsessive MSN bot... 2007
Icon Microsoft kills Santa Claus - Microsoft has killed Santa Claus today, after an unsatisfactory attempt to restrain the North Pole-based jolly old elf from instant messaging children abou... 2007
Icon Microsoft's sex-obsessed RoboSanta spouts filth at children - Disturbing news has reached our Yuletide youthful innocence bunker that Microsoft's new artificial intelligence-powered Santa bot is subjecting the... 2007
Icon Music Boxes and Chatterbots - The player piano made significant advances over its predecessor, the music box. The music box could only play one song, and for a voice, it only had lit... 2007
Icon Say What? Chat Bots Just Don't Cut It - Yet - In the ultimate game of bait-and-switch, several Web sites try to pass off a bot as a bod. That is to say that Live Chat is offered to users, but there&... 2007
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