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Icon K9 and Company - (K9) 1981
Icon Kiddy Grade - (Wirbelwind) the quantum computer and AI aboard the spaceship La-Muse. 2002
Icon Killjoys - [Lucy the ship computer] Killjoys follows a trio of hard-living bounty hunters – Dutch, John, and D'avin. Working for the Reclamation Apprehension Coalit... 2015
Icon Kinvig 1981
Icon Knight Rider - (KITT) "Knight Industries Two Thousand" fictional computer built into a car. (KARR) "Knight Automated Roving Robot" prototype of KITT. Unlike KITT, KARR... 1982
Icon Knight Rider - (KITT) Official site 2008
Icon Knight Rider 2000 - (KIFT) 1991
Icon Kolchak: The Night Stalker / The Night Stalker - [Ep: Mr. R.I.N.G.] (R.I.N.G.) 1975