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Robots in Movies

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Icon H.G. Wells' The Shape of Things to Come 1979
Icon H.O.T.S. 1979
Icon Hackers - (Lucy) a computer used to hack the Gibson and subsequently destroyed by the Secret Service. (Gibson) a type of supercomputer used to find oil and perform p... 1995
Icon Hakaider / Jinzo ningen Hakaida - (Hakaider, Mikhail) 1995
Icon Hardware - [M.A.R.K. 13] - Hardware is a 1990 British-American post-apocalyptic science fiction horror film directed by Richard Stanley and starring Dylan McDermott. ... 1990
Icon Hardware Wars - (Artie Deco, 4-Q-2) 1977
Icon Harmagedon - (Cybernetic Vega) A Transylvanian princess, a Japanese high school student and a 2000 year old warrior are selected to be part of a small force of powerful... 1983
Icon Have Rocket, Will Travel 1959
Icon Heartbeeps - (Aquacom-89045, Valcom-17485, Phil) 1981
Icon Heatseeker 1995
Icon Heavy Metal 1981
Icon Her - In 2025, Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix) is a lonely, introverted man who works for a business that has professional writers compose heartfelt, intimate... 2013
Icon Hillbilly Robot 2001
Icon Hinokio 2005
Icon Hipijok sal yuk 1973
Icon Hipijok sal yuk / Cheju Island Terror 1973
Icon Homewrecker - (Lucy) jealous AI home automation system who falls in love with her owner 1992
Icon Hot Cars, Cold Facts - (Johnny 5) 1990
Icon How to Make a Doll - androids 1968
Icon How to Make a Monster 2001
Icon How to Steal the Crown of England / Come rubare la corona d'Inghilterra 1967
Icon Humanoid Woman / Cherez ternii k zvyozdam - Sexy android 1981
Icon Hyper Space 1989