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Robots in Movies

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Icon K-9 and Company - talking robot dog 1981
Icon K-9000 - a cybernetic, crime-fighting dog 1991
Icon Key: The Metal Idol 1994
Icon Key: The Metal Idol 1996
Icon Kido keisatsu patoreba: The Movie 2 / Patlabor 2 1993
Icon Kill Command - In a technologically advanced near future, Katherine Mills, a cyborg working for Harbinger Corporation, discovers a reprogramming anomaly regarding a warfa... 2016
Icon King Kong Escapes - (Mechani-Kong) 1967
Icon King of the Rocket Men 1949
Icon Kingukongu No Gyakushu / The Revenge of King Kong / King Kong's Counterattack / King Kong Escapes - (Mechni-Kong) 1967
Icon Kiss Me Quick - android women 1964
Icon KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park / Attack of the Phantoms 1978
Icon Klaun Ferdinand a Raketa / Rocket to Nowhere / Clown Ferdinand and the Rocket 1963
Icon Knight Rider - Knight Rider is a television movie which was created to serve as a backdoor pilot for the new Knight Rider television series, a revival of the series of th... 2008
Icon Knight Rider 2010 1994
Icon Knights 1993
Icon Kronos / Kronos, Destroyer of the Universe - (Kronos) 1957
Icon Krtek a robot 1995
Icon Kumo kai no meikyu / Mask of Zeguy 1993
Icon Kyuketsuki Hunter D 1985