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Robots in Movies

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Icon Fantastici tre supermen, I 1967
Icon Fatal Error - Shock, horror, a computer virus infects humans! Runaway computer mayhem. 1999
Icon Fierce Creatures / Death Fish II 1997
Icon Firehead 1991
Icon First Spaceship on Venus / Schweigende Stern, Der 1960
Icon Flash Gordon - (Annihilants) robot soldiers belonging to Ming the Merciless 1936
Icon Flash Gordon 1980
Icon Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe / Perils from the Planet Mongo / Purple Death from Outer Space / Space Soldiers Conquer the Universe 1940
Icon Flatland 2007
Icon Flesh Gordon - (Annihilants, Rapist Robots) porno 1974
Icon Flight of the Navigator - (Max) periscope-like robot aboard the Trimaxion Drone Ship 1986
Icon Flubber - (Weebo) Professor Philip Brainard (Robin Williams) of Medfield College is developing a new energy source, in an attempt to raise enough money to save the c... 1997
Icon Forbidden Planet - (Robby, The Great Machine) 1956
Icon Forbidden World 1982
Icon Fortress - (Zed) female-voiced AI prison control computer who eventually goes over warden's head 1993
Icon Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster - (Reilly) 1965
Icon From Time to Time - (Nine-Eye) 1992
Icon Future Kick 1991
Icon Future War 1997
Icon Futuresport 1998
Icon Futureworld 1976