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Icon Alan Turing: Is he really the father of computing? [Articles] - A series of celebratory events is taking place this week to mark the centenary of computer pioneer Alan Turing's birth. To mark the occasion the BBC has...
Icon The Age of Intelligent Machines : A Kind Of Turing Test [Articles] - As discussed in several of the contributed articles in this book, the Turing test was devised by Alan Turing as a way of certifying machine intelligence. T...
Icon Artificial Intelligence [Chatbots - English] - A series of articles on Artificial Intelligence. Also the home of Adam - "Adam is a chatbot program designed to mimic ordinary conversation. 1.20 has a ...
Icon [Chatbots - English] - Several chatbot articles.
Icon AI Hub [Forums] - Formerly Chatbot Hub. Articles, reviews and news as well as a forum. "Sorry, the AI Hub is no more."
Icon Robohub [Robotics] - Robohub is a non-profit online communication platform that brings together experts in robotics research, start-ups, business, and education from across the...
Icon Turing Test [Turing Test] - Articles links
Icon Articicial Intelligence at the Guardian. [Websites] - This is the AI page for The Guardian - a newspaper in the UK. Lot's of articles in there.
Icon Conversation, Deception, and Intelligence [Websites] - [Blog] Variety of articles.
Icon Turing Test [Websites] - Lots of articles.