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The Potential for Chatbots in Negotiated Learner

The Potential for Chatbots in Negotiated Learner

[.pdf] This paper explores the feasibility of using conversational agents, or chatbots, in negotiated learner modelling. This approach aims to combine the motivational, intuitive and domain-independent benefits of natural language dialogue using a chatbot, with the opportunities for learner reflection and increased model accuracy that can be achieved through negotiation of the learner model contents. A Wizard-of-Oz paradigm allowed investigation into the interactions between learners and their learner model in order to highlight key issues for the design of a chatbot for this purpose. Users appreciated interacting with a chatbot, and found it useable and an aid to negotiation. The study suggested many avenues for future investigation of the role of conversational agents in facilitating user-system dialogue about learner understanding.

Category : Papers
Submitted : 6th, August 2008

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