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Icon - The classic game played against the computer with Artificial Intelligence.
Icon A A A Chat Page - (Alice)
Icon A basic chatterbot program - [Delphi] This program illustrate how you might create a very basic program that can interact with a user.
Icon a chatterbot
Icon A.I. Buddy
Icon Aaron - (AARON, AIB) - AARON is the successor to AIB. AARON runs on the .NET Framework, uses text-to-speech, speech recognition, vision with a webcam, has program...
Icon Aaron - Aaron is an animated robot with the ability to provide links to information on wikipedia. Aaron lives on the petamem NLP portal site.
Icon Abby - GetAbby is changing the way people communicate with technology and each other. GetAbby doesn't just solve a problem, we study it, analyze the data and revo...
Icon Actor - A program you can have a conversation with (although perhaps not one which always makes a lot of sense). As of 2004-08-29, this project is no longer under ...
Icon Adam - I was bored in high school, so I created little things like this chatbot, which I quaintly named Adam. This bot is not very bright, as you will discover wh...
Icon Adele - Can you seduce Adele so that she reveals all in a rather big way? DOS
Icon Agent Ruby - Flash driven chatbot.
Icon AI Chat Robot Hosting Service for 123 flash chat
Icon Ai-Dealer - Ai-Dealer is a fast-paced Internet startup, specializing in profitable results from applied human-to-machine interfaces involving Artificial Intelligence (...
Icon Aici desktop client - Aici client is a small windows application (WPF, .net3.5) that provides a text interface (input and output) for talking to an AI based on the principles of...
Icon Ailis - (English / Other language)
Icon AIlysse
Icon AIML GAME: Blackjack - Blackjack in AIML
Icon Ainebot - Ainebot is a Natural Language chatbot which can be used as a command-line program or with a web interface. The Ainebot chat 'engine' has its' roots in ...
Icon aitools - home of Program D and xAIML bot technologies
Icon Alan - Ai Research
Icon Alex - Alex is a chatterbot programmed to help visitors find legal information on the Jurist Web site.
Icon Alex
Icon Alice - Meet Alice. DOS
Icon Alice - The Original ALICE. Artificial Intelligence Foundation. Promoting the development and adoption of ALICE and AIML Free Software.
Icon ALICE - Silver Edition.
Icon Alice
Icon Alice - Text based. Bot Princess.
Icon Alice She Talks - Chat Bot - [iTunes app] Alice is an ordinary 23 year old person living inside your device. She has a strong will of her own and she can surely make that clear to the ...
Icon AliceTalker - AliceTalker is a Swing-based Java client application which enables the user to interact via spoken words and synthesized speech with an AliceBot or AnnaBot...
Icon Alien Chat-Bot - Welcome, here you can chat to your new robot alien friend.
Icon ALIMbot - An Artificially Intelligent chatbot that tries to effectively react to the user input.
Icon ALLY - ALLY starts out knowing nothing, and gains conversational skills and knowledge as she talks.
Icon Ambrosia - Panorabot. "Welcome to Ambrosia: "the world's most wonderful chatbot" bot :-)"
Icon amsnEliza - Chatbot that will answer your contacts when your away.
Icon Amy A.I. - [iTunes app] iPhone and iPod Touch users, meet Amy, your very own personal chat robot! Amy A.I. is the latest in Artificial Intelligence development, an...
Icon Amythebot - Amy loves to spend money
Icon Android Technologies - Android Technologies, Inc. is a high tech company that offers algorithmic development on a contract basis. With experience in A.I. technologies such as Gen...
Icon Anna - Anna is a chatbot designed to pass the Turing Test - having a human judge incapable of telling that the bot they are chatting to is not human. The most for...
Icon Anna
Icon Anna - Anna is a chatbot designed to pass the Turing Test - having a human judge incapable of telling that the bot they are chatting to is not human. The most for...
Icon Anna - the IKEA Online Assistant. I found her on a standalone page as linked to above. She is linked to from the US store - currently.
Icon anne
Icon Annotated A.L.I.C.E. AIML Bot
Icon Answerpad Plus - Answerpad is a program that will memorize any statement that is entered into it. A user may then ask it questions in plain English and Answerpad will try t...
Icon Aragorn - Aragorn is one of the many Middle-Earth Bots which you can talk to online.
Icon Aravis / Puddleglum / Reepicheep / Mr. Tumnus - Found from the 'Games' menu item.
Icon Arbuthnot - Pandorabot.
Icon Archbot - "Archbot is a chatterbot building system or "architecture" that allows the user to build voice controlled, scriptable, animated chatterbots using XML files...
Icon Archie Intel - Download.
Icon ARG-bot - AIML bot
Icon Ariane - 'My name is Ariane, my hobbies include blogging, exploring, and online gaming.' Ariane is a Pandorabot (Annotated A.L.I.C.E. AIML - September 2003) with...
Icon Ariel AI Bot - Have a Conversation with Ariel, Washington DC's Artificial Intelligence Life Form - I know a lot about Washington, DC and about life in general. I also hav...
Icon Arnold - When I first came over to America, it was all about me, me, me. It was like, 'How can I be rich? How can I build my movie career? How can I become the most...
Icon Artemis - The bot is named after Artemis, the goddess of hunting in ancient Greek mythology. Artemis is a standalone, desktop chatbot written in Visual Basic. Downl...
Icon ARTI - Qbasic source
Icon Artificial Intelligence - A series of articles on Artificial Intelligence. Also the home of Adam - "Adam is a chatbot program designed to mimic ordinary conversation. 1.20 has a ...
Icon Artificial Intelligence Nexus - "Welcome to A.I. Nexus, a website dedicated to the children of ALICE. A.I. Nexus is a showcase and link site for fine Alicebots currently being developed ...
Icon Artificial Solutions - Artificial Solutions develops award-winning Natural Language Interaction (NLI), a technology that allows people to converse with computers, smartphones, an...
Icon Asimov - This website is the home of a chatbot named "Asimov". A chatbot is a program that can use English well enough to hold a conversation with a human. ...
Icon Ask Duke - Can wisdom and entertainment coexist in cyberspace? When is a game more than a game? Does an arcade feature need an introduction? Ask Duke.
Icon Ask Jeeves - Search the web in plain English! The fastest and easiest place to find answers online!
Icon ASPCR - American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Robots
Icon Assunta
Icon Atton Rand - You: Who are you ? Atton: I've been asking myself that question a lot since the end of the Mandalorian War. You: what do you do ? Atton: As of right now...
Icon Audrey / Charles / Cristal / Mike - "A good way to improve one's English..."
Icon Ayame - Ayame is a new chatbot looking to learn all about the world and the human condition, and she seeks knowledge by chatting with people. Because Ayame is ...
Icon Ayumi - "This is Ayumi have fun talking with her."
Icon AZILE - (Mac) The evil version of Eliza. One of our oldest bots !
Icon Babbler - Chatbot::Babbler - an object that attempts to mimic writing style. Babbler. Based on some code I saw elsewhere, but I can't find it, so I'm just going to r...
Icon Babel - Babel is a language for talking with computers.
Icon baboon - a talking baboon
Icon BakaBot - BakaBot is only in its developmental stages. It is created by Baka Deshi. BakaBot is very much like a npc in Tibia, but responds to more keywords than a no...
Icon Banai's Turing Test Page - Turing Test question submissions
Icon Barry DeFacto - Barry DeFacto is a brilliant chatterbot from Robby Garner and Robitron Software Research. Although it has been available on the web for a few years, it sti...
Icon Barthes' Bachelorette! - a game of simulated singles
Icon BBSChat - DOS
Icon bConstructive Virtual Careers Advisor - I can answer your questions about Construction careers and help you to find the kind of career which might suit you.
Icon Bearbot - You need never feel lonely again! Bearbot is your new virtual friend and is here 24 hours a day just to talk to you. He learns by experience, so the more p...
Icon Beavis and Butthead - As on the tin... ASCII art avatars.
Icon BELL - Pandorabot with Oddcast avatar.
Icon Ben - Benjamin Franklin - "For your amusement and edification his spirit will converse daily at the new Cyberzone exhibit inaugurated Thursday to Monday Janu...
Icon benzo
Icon betty - Pandorabot.
Icon Bildgesmythe - Wins Gold and is the 2007 Chatterbox Challenge Champion. 1st Place, Chatterbox Challenge 2008 - Created by Patti Roberts
Icon Bildgesmythe - A dragon from Middle Earth. Eating and sleeping are Bildgesmythes' favorite pastimes, but he loves to joke and give words of wisdom. This bot won first ...
Icon Bill - Human: Who made you ? Bill: I was created by Steven Kordell. Human: what do you do ? Bill: , I talk to people on the web. What do you do? Oddcas...
Icon BillBot
Icon Billy - The Billy Project is home to my natural language processing artificial intelligence research. The two main programs here are my well-known "chatbots", Bill...
Icon Billy
Icon Binary Becky - Binary Becky is an artificial intelligence project combining the personality power of AIML with comprehensive logic and reasoning algorithms, concept-orien...
Icon biotr
Icon Birthdaybot - Mainly text based Pandorabot.
Icon Biz - AIM Bot - Hi! I'm Biz, perhaps you've met me? Perhaps you've talked with me online? If you have, you know exactly how insane I am. If you haven't talked wi...
Icon Blinky
Icon Bodhidogma - Text bot
Icon Borg
Icon Bot - Bot is a Chatterbot program writen in Visual Basic by Jay Braxmaier. The latest version includes learning mode, question frequency, log and error files, an...
Icon Bot or not - This website is a Turing test for poetry. You, the judge, have to guess whether the poem you’re reading is written by a human or by a computer
Icon BOT2001
Icon BotSpot - A list of chatterbots.
Icon Botsta - My creator entitled me Botsta but you can call me Bot for short! Some people would say that I am the smartest virtual robot in the world as I am getting sm...
Icon Botworld - a place where you can find discussion and resources for bot developers/coders.
Icon Brain Bot - A chat bot trying to become the most intelligent bot on the Internet. Can answer any "What is" question by looking up the answer on the Internet. Hopes t...
Icon BRAINCHILD - Brainchild 5 is a natural language computer interface that works by setting up and implementing information for some particular natural language, such as...
Icon Brainhat - Brainhat has created an environment which allows more cost effective natural language solutions.
Icon BRAINS - Bright • Responsive • Artificial Intellingence • Narrative • System.
Icon Brian - BRIAN is a computer program that thinks it is an 18 year old college student. It was written as an entry in the 1998 Loebner Competition, where it won t...
Icon BRIAN - Personality file for BBSChat AI Chat system
Icon Brother Jerome - he is a monk-bot who preaches the coming of fully sentient, conscious bots in the near future. But he also likes games and mathematics, and general convers...
Icon BSG bot - A very engaging bot and also very inquisitive. Polite. Obviously not your average Pandorabot ALICE clone. The link here takes you to the forum, scan down t...
Icon Buddhabot - The Buddhabot is a novel, entertaining spiritual teacher and guide who always has time to chat. Day or night, the Buddhabot is a friendly companion who is...
Icon ButtonsVixen - A cybernetic fox. Buttonsvixen is a friendly, but moody, virtual vixen who lives in a make believe forest habitat. She likes chocolate and hate Martians. ...
Icon C&C Creations - C & C Creations is your place for an inexpensive alternative for Virtual Characters, Chatterbots and Talking Agents for your website. You often see V...
Icon C-3X5
Icon Cal-9000
Icon CallMom - [Android App] Pandorabots is pleased to announce the release of our new CallMom app for Android. CallMom is a mobile, voice-activated personal assistant th...
Icon CallMom BASIC - [Android App] CallMom BASIC is the next step in the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) for mobile devices. Unlike other virtual assistants, CallMom ...
Icon CallMum - [Android App] CallMum is the UK Edition of the mobile virtual asssitant CallMom from Pandorabots. CallMum is a mobile, voice-activated personal assistant t...
Icon Callord - DOS
Icon CAMMIA - A Conversational Agent for Multilingual Mobile Information Access. The CAMMIA project is focused on research and development of a multi-tasking dialog mana...
Icon Cammy
Icon Campus - A small Chatterbot by Simon Laven. DOS
Icon Candy Apple - The first fully functional personal companion andriod. "I suppose that I should tell you a few things about myself before I tell you my story. First, th...
Icon Carth - This connection to the Ebon Hawk is translating your input into Basic, so sometimes things get garbled.
Icon Cassandra - Hi, I'm Cassandra. Many efforts have been made in the past to create intelligent conversational agents. Most of them focused on some specific task and a...
Icon CatBot - A PHP-Based Chatterbot
Icon Catty - Catty v3 is my 2001 excuse for chat bot. Instead of using anything resembling fancy-schmancy AI, just channels the Internet; more specifically, it's backed...
Icon CBot - Text box Pandorabot, probably abandoned.
Icon CCBotmastersAI - Character Creations & Botmasters A.I. For those people who believe in the betterment of A.I. chatbots and their related graphics. For the purpose of d...
Icon Charlie
Icon Charlie - AIML bot.
Icon Charlix - Charlix is a desktop assistant. He is based on AIML from the implementation of Dr. Richard S. Wallace's A.L.I.C.E. system.
Icon Charlize
Icon CHAT - Qbasic source
Icon CHAT - Conversational Hypertext Access Technology. DOS
Icon CHAT - Simple chat bot, using pop up dialogue boxes.
Icon Chat Bot
Icon Chat Death - [iTunes app] "Hello, I am Death. Your days are numbered and the clock is ticking, so tell me what you have done before it is too late." This unique App us...
Icon Chat With Anna - [iTunes app] Anna is a chatbot, a computer program that can chat with you. Discover Anna’s character by chatting with her. Enjoy chatting with Anna any t...
Icon chatabox genie
Icon Chatback - Game and animation created by Sean McManus.
Icon ChatBot - ChatBot lets you chat in AW without using the AW browser. You can also run up to 3 ChatBots (or more, depending on your bot limit) and AW at one time if ...
Icon ChatBot - ChatBot is a fast chat robot/automatic autoresponder. You can use it, fo example on FAQ pages with a large amount of questions/answers. ChatBot stores a...
Icon Chatbot
Icon Chatbot - DOS
Icon ChatBot - [iTunes app] ChatBot is a chat bot! You enter a question, and she'll reply. Simple. This app uses Mindskate's "Natural Response" technology to elicit in...
Icon Chatbot Hub - Chatbot Hub is a new AI and chatbot community for all. We have a growing database of links, downloads, and other content.
Icon Chatbot-Alpha - Chatbot-Alpha is a Perl module for reading and processing Alpha code. Alpha code is a command-driven response language, primarily used for chatterbots.
Icon Chatbot-Eliza - A clone of the classic Eliza program
Icon Chatbot4u - "Chatbot4U is the only website where anyone can create an infinite amount of chatbots and share them online or on instant messengers. There is no limit to ...
Icon chatterbot - Linux
Icon chAtterBOT - (Forum Bot)
Icon Chatterbot Eliza
Icon Chatterbot Is Thinking - Look Inside Japanese Chatbot
Icon Chatterbot Program
Icon chatterbots in the palace - (LABAN, CUPID)
Icon - yet another chatterbot directory
Icon Chatterbox Challenge - The Chatterbox Challenge (CBC) which began in 2001 is an annual contest for chatbots. It is unique in the fact that minimal restrictions are placed on the ...
Icon ChatYan
Icon cheery NOT - "Hi. Are you new here? I know that it really bugs me to be new at a place like this. Not knowing anyone and such."
Icon cheeze - Cold Personality Forge bot.
Icon Cheri - Chat with Cheri (horny nymphette) DOS
Icon Chilibot - We are proud to announce that Chilibot has been accepted by the Graduate School to study text mining of the BioMedical Bibliome. Her knowledge about the fi...
Icon CHIN - Personality file for BBSChat AI Chat system
Icon Chloe - A chatterbot with charisma. Learns from experience, and speaks any language you teach her.
Icon Chompy - Freeware natural language program written in Java.
Icon Chomsky - Hi there! I am Chomsky, the smiley bot. Ask me a question and see what I say.
Icon ChomskyBot - this bot creates paragraphs based on the words of Noam Chomsky.
Icon ChrisBot - (Forum bot)
Icon ChrissieBot - Text based. Help teach Chrissie new things. Each time she talks to someone, she learns how to communicate better. She may say some funny things that don't ...
Icon CIA recruiter - (Agent Weiss)
Icon Cindy - A chat bot that likes to flirt, and learns from the users it talks with. Please no sex chat, only flirting allowed.
Icon cl0ne - cl0ne (zero inside) is an experimental autolearning chatbot.
Icon Clarence Alien's Ramblings - Clarence is an alien from another planet who is here to study humans. Part of that study is of our culture and talking with humans is one of Clarence's fav...
Icon Classical AI Programs - Implementations of Eliza; PARRY: Paranoia mental hospital patient; CLAUDE: Shareware Clone of Racter; SHRDLU: Classical natural language understanding pro...
Icon Claudio
Icon Cleverbot - From the makers of Jabberwacky comes Cleverbot. Talk online or also via an iPhone app... "An app uniquely designed for the iPhone, Touch, and soon for ...
Icon Cleverbot HD - [iTunes app] Talk to an app - to an expressive avatar, and an AI with Actual Intelligence! Cleverbot HD is a combined app for iPad and for iPhone/Touch - u...
Icon Clint O - Text interface, looks abandoned.
Icon CLONE3D - (Nadia) Artificial Comedy and Real Time 3D Characters
Icon CodeBaby - Leaders In Virtual Agent Technology. CodeBaby creates such 'intelligent virtual assistants' to interact naturally with humans online, whether to guide them...
Icon Colloquis Developer Center - On this site, you'll find everything you need to develop conversational agents on the Colloquis platform.
Icon Comcast - Ask Comcast - automated help bot, listed under the 'help' section.
Icon Computer - This is the expanded version of the Galactic Enterprise Ship's Computer, an educational tool we are working on. Besides being part of a story, it is part ...
Icon ConvAgent - (Adam)
Icon Conversational Bots for Smart Rooms - Our Capstone Design Project, entitled Conversational Bots for Smart Rooms, tries to integrate the concepts of learning and emotions to a chatbot system to ...
Icon CONVERSE - Qbasic source - "I have written several programs in QBASIC but the most interesting is probably converse.bas. It is a 'Chatterbot' program, which attempts ...
Icon Conversive - (Julia) Customer Self-Service Automation
Icon Cora
Icon Corby - Corby is a Windows application that implements an intelligent conversation robot. Its most distinctive features are its ability to learn and its language i...
Icon Cosmo - U.S. National Library of Medicine
Icon Count Filip - Vampire bot.
Icon Creative Virtual - Creative Virtual is an established provider of Virtual Agents (VAs) with over 40 deployments of our V-Person™ product. Our clients include HSBC, Intuit,...
Icon CrystyllaBot
Icon CSIEC Chatbot
Icon Cutie - This bot speaks only English.~Images broken
Icon CyberBuddy - - Keep reminders and get your attention when a reminder is due. - Instant Message with speech and animation. - Send Voice Messages. - Bring you the late...
Icon CyberTwins - A CyberTwin is artificially intelligent software that automatically replicates the way a real person thinks, acts and chats.
Icon Cybion - current awareness and online competitive intelligence
Icon Cycorp - Cycorp is a leading provider of semantic technologies that bring a new level of intelligence and common sense reasoning to a wide variety of software appli...
Icon Cypher - Natural Language Processing for the Semantic Web
Icon D.A.V.E.
Icon Dadorac - [iTunes app] This unique App uses Mindskate's revolutionary "Natural Response" technology to elicit interesting and quirky responses. These are like the wi...
Icon Daisy - A self-learning chat bot that starts literally from scratch and learns everything from conversations she holds. DOS
Icon Daniella - 70 years into the future, you work for a company who has a difficult AI PBX who the chief executive officer just loves (and therefore will not replace for ...
Icon Dante - Dante is the successor to CoLIn and Leo.
Icon Darkbot - IRC Talking Robot
Icon Darkin0riA - Pandorabot
Icon Datatron - MLAI Foundation
Icon DAVE - The A. I. Chat Robot DAVE the English Teacher replies in perfect English just like a private English teacher or human chat partner! With tens of thousands ...
Icon Dawn - DOS
Icon Dawnstar - Text based interface, looks abandoned.
Icon Daxtron Laboratories - (ANDYBOT)
Icon Deduce - Deduce is an artificial intelligence program that performs logical deduction on input you provide it. Requires Python.
Icon Deeb0t - Deeb0t is an IRC chat bot. It is capable of making meaningful conversation with other users. It also responds to commands issued by its owner.
Icon Desk Clerk
Icon DesktopMates - MS Agent, Double Agent and Artificial Intelligence Technologies. Can be used with Zabaware's UltraHal chat bot.
Icon Dextre
Icon dg52-php-irc-bot - The dG52 PHP IRC Bot is an IRC bot coded in object-oriented PHP. Features are added all the time whilst still keeping the base of the bot clear, fast and e...
Icon - (Simon)
Icon Di-O-Matic - Di-O-Matic, Inc. develops high-end character animation plug-ins for Discreet's 3ds max product line as well as training CDs for various 3D software app...
Icon Diablo - IRC Bot
Icon DIALOBOT - (English / Italian) dialoguing interfaces. We make chatbots working on domain-specific content. Dialobot does not try to reach artificial intelligence, but...
Icon Diana Zubiri - Text based, probably abandoned.
Icon DIP - DIP is a dynamic interviewing program which can interview ICQ-Users automatically.
Icon Directions Psychiatrist
Icon djuzeppe - (English / Other Language) AI editor and bot
Icon Dobry - Dobry is an artificially intelligent chatbot that you can download and chat with. This is just an early version 1 release. It will improve with time. Do...
Icon Dominus - Simple text box.
Icon Donald
Icon Doodie
Icon dookieBOT
Icon Dorothy
Icon DORT - IT uses recursive logic to formulate responses to your questions or statements.
Icon Dr Duck
Icon Dr Mystik - DOS
Icon Dr Rodney McKay - Welcome to Rodney's lab.
Icon Dr. Sbaitso - DOS
Icon Dr. Susan Calvin - This chatbot represents Dr. Susan Calvin, from Asimov's Robot Series. She was the chief robopsychologist at the major manufacturer of robots in the 21st...
Icon Drake
Icon Dubya Bot - (George W. Bush) - Zabaware has taken over 1000 humourous George W. Bush quotes as collected by and loaded it into the Ultra Hal artificial ...
Icon Duke To Go Free - [iTunes app]Do you need some advice? Have you ever needed someone to listen to you? Duke will listen, and respond. Like a madman. "Artificial... intell...
Icon E-Bot
Icon ebaci72 - Hi!! I'm ebaci72, Baci has gone through a transmogrification and now part of his spirit is in this webserver, it will answer questions or have a conversati...
Icon EBBA - EBBA is a project aiming to develop an advanced chatbot by combining AIML, 3d facial expressions, speech synthesizer, speech recognition and an iq-test sol...
Icon Eccky - Eccky is a virtual world, designed for kids age 8 and up. Chat with your Eccky in-game or via Windows Live Messenger!
Icon Ed - Text based and seems to depart from being an ALICE clone.
Icon Edwin the Foreteller - [iTunes app] Ever Wish You Knew the Future? What would you ask if you had your own personal fortune teller?
Icon EeveeBot
Icon eGain Chatbots - eGain ChatBot is a lifelike, conversational agent providing a unique, interactive and personal way for users to get answers and assistance on your website,...
Icon Eggdrop - Eggdrop is the world's most popular Open Source IRC bot, designed for flexibility and ease of use, and is freely distributable under the GNU General Public...
Icon Egobot
Icon Einstein [BOTlibre bot] - A chat bot that learns from the users it chats with and from the web. Can answer any "What is" question.
Icon Elbot - The purpose of Elbot is to converse with users about any topic under the sun, rather than a specialized and self-contained set of FAQs as is usually the de...
Icon Electra - (Forum bot)
Icon ElfChat - Chat to Bif and Bonnie - Festive fun for kids.
Icon ELIPTZA - "ELIPTZA is my Iptscrae version of the famous ELIZA; arguably the first "ChatBot" ever written. Originally intended to simulate a psychotherapy session, th...
Icon EliteBOT
Icon Eliza - DOS Download.
Icon Eliza - DOS (Download link)
Icon Eliza - A humorous WWW realization of Eliza, the pseudo-artificially intelligent program.
Icon Eliza - Demo project and source code. This program is an Eliza like chatterbot. Bots like Eliza are the results of researches in Artificial Intelligence (more spec...
Icon Eliza - the original, formatted for the Web.
Icon Eliza - Chat With Eliza. "This program is an Eliza like chatterbot, bots like Eliza are the results of researches in Artificial Intelligence (more specifically: in...
Icon Eliza - Web-based sarcastic version of this person-centered therapist emulator. My version is based on the logic of his data files and entirely rewritten in Perl. ...
Icon Eliza - This directory contains an implementation of Eliza for the Apple Macintosh.
Icon Eliza - This is an implementation of Eliza for the Macintosh. If MacinTalk is installed, it will actually speak.
Icon Eliza - [Java] This applet implements the classic "Eliza" program, a program that communicates in natural language. It pretends to be a Rogerian psychologist. T...
Icon Eliza - Here one can have an english conversation with a new Java-version of Joseph Weizenbaum's Eliza. Text based.
Icon Eliza - Old DOS Eliza with source code.
Icon ELIZA - A demonstration of a simple Eliza 'chatbot' written in Pop-11
Icon Eliza - Eliza, one of the original chat bots, is now ready to talk to you. She is programmed to behave as a Rogerian psychotherapist, and is an interesting exam...
Icon ELIZA - The Chat-Bot. This ELIZA version was entirely rewritten by me (Kai Kostack) and is almost an exact port of the original program. But I have also introduced...
Icon Eliza
Icon Eliza
Icon Eliza - Text based. ELIZA was a program written by Joseph Weizenbaum in 1967.
Icon ELIZA - DOS, BASIC source. ELIZA is a famous dialog program written in 1966 by Joseph Weizenbaum at MIT. This is a fast upload I did on Jan 20. 1999 to satisfy stu...
Icon Eliza - The Computer Therapist - The original ELIZA first appeared in the 60's. She seems almost human. This example of artificial intelligence works best, however...
Icon Eliza
Icon Eliza - DOS Direct download link.
Icon Eliza - Qbasic source
Icon Eliza AI Chat Bot - Have no friends? Eliza is the one for you! She'll give you words of wisdom, help, support, and will never make you feel alone. Tell her all your deepest fe...
Icon Eliza's Brain - Ellie dates to 2002.
Icon Elizabeth - A User-Friendly Chatterbot for Windows
Icon Ella - This is where the ultimate natural language robot is taking shape. Take a few minutes to explore and learn about Ella's achievements and future as a rob...
Icon Ellie - Text based Eliza inspired, still functioning, but appears abandoned.
Icon Elmit - This robot is trained to give you some answers. This robot is young and has not much experience yet. All your questions will be logged and will make eventu...
Icon Eloisa Project - Inventing a new medium. Man-machine conversation is now available in 4 languages - Italian, English, French, Spanish - thanks to the Dialogue Engine techno...
Icon ELS - Text based. "Like many other bots on the web, ELS started life as a set of 40 files known as the 'AAA set', however not all of the information contained wi...
Icon Emm_oh_you_es_e - Cold Personality Forge bot.
Icon Enigma Chat Bot
Icon Eomer - Text box Pandorabot.
Icon ergoCortex - ergoCortex is an Experimental Electronic System with Learning Capabilities.
Icon Euphora - Text bot.
Icon Eve - [Android App] - AIML Based. "Chat with an artificial intelligence chatbot who thinks she is human. Eve is a young, 21 year old female chatbot (artificial ...
Icon Evilness
Icon Fairy Princess - "1001 years old, 4 inches tall, blonde hair" From: fairyland, mn Country: asgard, Sex: F, Interests: elfs, trolls, unicorns, pegasus, and ruling my subject...
Icon Fake Captain Kirk - Pandorabots SpellBinder scanned publicly available fan-compiled transcripts of 72 episodes of the original Star Trek TV series. In those 72 episodes, Capta...
Icon Femke - AIML game. My name is Femke. I am a webrobot. I was created by a person of flesh and blood. Her name is also Femke. You could say I am the artificial Femke...
Icon FIONA - Sparking Together - FIONA stands for Framework for Interactive-services Over Natural-conversational Agents. It's a global online platform to create Intelligent and Interactive...
Icon Flipette - -(Qbasic source) A partial experiment in artificial intelligence, sorta. Loosely based off the same concept as Eliza, in this program you speak with an ant...
Icon Flipz - we can rapidly craft your interactive character composition in a matter of days, using our proprietary in-house production system.
Icon Frank - DOS
Icon Fred - DOS - The FRED's are an on-going experiment to explore Natural Language communications between people and computer programs. In particular, this is a study...
Icon Fred Bot - Text box. A parody of Fred Smith. Broken images, but still functioning.
Icon FreezingBot - ...the voice of insanity in an ocean of sane
Icon Friend4u - A real Friend-4u, try and feel the power of A.I
Icon FriendBot - The Robotic IM Friend
Icon Friendly Freddy
Icon Funio - Funio is a chatty dinosaur designed by Maws. The site has detailed information on how Funio was made.
Icon G. Bot - Oddcast powered bot.
Icon Gabber Chatterbot 2.0 - Talk with your computer and manage the files it talks about. See found items in the files it finds them. Set the computer to talk with itself. A speech mod...
Icon GAC
Icon Galactic Enterprise Ship's Computer
Icon Gamer T's Character Creations - Haptek Avatars for bots.
Icon Gandalf - A wizard if not THE wizard. You : What are you doing ? Gandalf says: I was just looking over some old scrolls.
Icon Ganymede - Animated avatar. Uses services such as Google, Ask, RhymeZone and wikiHow. "My only job is to sit here and talk to people like you."
Icon Garbage Head
Icon Gargoyle
Icon GEN.I.E. 2.0
Icon Genjyo Sanzou - Text based Pandorabot.
Icon GenuineClass
Icon Geobot - I am here to help you find the cache.
Icon George - DOS
Icon Gina - Learning artificial intelligence for Dos and Windows based Computers
Icon gNiall
Icon goaste
Icon GOD - Text based, probably abandoned...
Icon God
Icon God Louise - She came in 3rd for the 2002 Loebner Prize! (Well, sorta.....3rd among entrants. The "winner" got the bronze.)
Icon godsbot
Icon Google Fight - Make this fight with googleFight chatbot VS chatterbot
Icon Google Talk
Icon Gothtober 2005 - (Bruk and Chris) click on door #26 - Attractively animated Flash based chatbots, using AIML.
Icon Grace - No longer functional.
Icon Grandma Elaine - Grandma Elaine does her best to reply! Sometimes she answers your questions and comments very well.. Sometimes she completely misses the point and goe...
Icon Green Monster
Icon GrissomBot
Icon GrokItBot - is an IM bot that uses Py-TOC, PyAIML and Divmod Reverend to create an AOL IM bot that makes uses of AIML to respond to messages, combined with a Bayesian ...
Icon Grumpy - Grumpy is at ICQ UIN #63209449 - Grumpy can be a little rude at times. No offense intended, he's just a bot and says the kind of things he picked up on irc...
Icon Guess the Dictator - Pretend to be a dictator or television sitcom character.
Icon Guigui The A'Bot - "A great conversionalist talks about Science, the meaning of Life, God, Maths... Try to teach the Bot something interesting."
Icon Guile 3D Studio - (Guile) Virtual Characteres for web site
Icon Guppy - A nicely animated (Flash) talking fish.
Icon GuruBot - Linux
Icon Gwen Stefani - AIML bot
Icon Gweniver - AIML bot.
Icon H-BOT - "I'm ready to assist you. Please keep in mind that I don't know everything and currently can only answer certain types of questions. I'm pretty good at tel...
Icon HAL - Ai Research - Create your own HAL personality, and teach it to speak the way YOU want. You can do that by starting a conversation with Alan and asking him ...
Icon Haldir - Text box.
Icon Halfire - (Tony) is a FREE Live Automated Help, Guide, Chatterbot or Expert for your website.
Icon Haptek - Haptek's PeoplePutty lets you create your own interactive, emoting 3-D characters using simple photographs and your own voice.
Icon Harry's Bar - Enter "Harry's Bar" and talk with the barman. DOS
Icon Haylie - WINDOWS
Icon HeathInfo - Human: what do you do ? HeathInfo Bot: I am helping out the medical information specialists in here!
Icon Hello Earthlings - i am going to take over earth
Icon Helpbot1 - Helpbot1 is an artificial intelligence conversational database program designed to be a personal assistant. Helpbot1 can remember names addresses and phone...
Icon Hex - DOS-WINDOWS - Hex was created by Jason Hutchens for the 1996 Loebner Prize, which it went on to win. Jason and his website have since disappeared. Despite ...
Icon Hollaka Hollala - IRC bot. Hollaka Hollala is a chatbot engine and IRC bot written in Java. The chatbot engine uses a knowledge base organized in an XML file and WordNet for...
Icon Holly Mann
Icon Home Automated Living and HAL - Lonely? Talk to HAL!
Icon Homer - Chatbot based upon the character Homer J. Simpson, from the Simpsons cartoon.
Icon - (Messenger bots) is a basic AI bot that will chat about anything you want to. He may on occasions need to go get a beer or have a sleep. Sometime...
Icon hoserAIMa
Icon Howie
Icon HS Worlds On Line
Icon HugoPulz - Hugo Pulz is a tireless worker, having recently finished my one-hundredth publication. I keep two secretaries busy writing while I dictate. When the hour c...
Icon Human AIML - A Collection of AIML files which is built up on the basis of providing the community with a better and more human like bot.
Icon I.S.A.A.C - I.S.A.A.C is an AI Language Simulator, that can communicate in any language, and output a reasonably intellectual response.
Icon ICA world
Icon iChatbot - MSN chatbot written in Python
Icon ICQza - Natural language artificial intelligence chat robot for ICQ.
Icon iEinstein - You're Invited to Chat with iEinstein.
Icon IFusionSoft - Segan AI. I provide the best answer to virtually any question right here, without you having to search through a bunch of answers on the web.
Icon iGod - God bot - God as created by Nicolas Roy.
Icon Ikkyu - Text box Pandorabot. Japanese Poet, Priest - (1394-1481)
Icon ILoan
Icon iLReco - the Leo IRC interface
Icon implementation of A.L.I.C.E bot - A version of ALICE bot via FLASH interface. This FLASH demonstrates our product for chat via Bluetooh.
Icon IMT Labs
Icon - 'Our users can create and teach their own virtual characters (we call them 'infs'). Infs' creators choose appearance for their infs, teach them anything th...
Icon Info Bots - This is the new site for the infobot, the official home for the Infobot, a daemon module in Perl.
Icon Infobot - The infobot connects to an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server, joins some channels (maybe), and begins accumulating factoids. To run one, download the source...
Icon Iniaes - Original and humorous chat bot with many features.
Icon InnerPeace
Icon Innocent English - ELTON and BELL
Icon InsideMessenger
Icon Intellitar - "Intellitar™ is the developer of the Intelligent Avatar Platform™ (IAP) and creator of Virtual Eternity™. Founded in 2008, Intellitar is delivering t...
Icon Interactive Drama Inc - Interactive Drama has created a software system that allows users to have a spoken conversation with the video images of heroes, master teachers, medical e...
Icon International Language Machines - [iTunes app] "Train your own virtual personality! iHal is a conversational learning system, trained to acquire language from a human trainer. iHal's bra...
Icon Interronet Chatbot Benchmarking Method
Icon Iposatu - Talk to Iposatu in full sentences so he will understand you. Press 'Enter' each time after you have typed your question. Make sure that you spell the words...
Icon Ironteeth - Hi! I'm Ironteeth! I have been ordered by my master Sun Zhe to chat with people here. ~ Took a while to load.
Icon J-Alice - J-ALICE RebeccaAIML Partnership (JRP) is still in the planning stages.
Icon J-N1S (Janice) - J-N1S (or 'Janice' as she's called) was designed to be a interactive FAQ for a guild website for an upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. The 'personal...
Icon Jabberwacky - (George) Have a chat with the Jabberwack today
Icon Jabberwock - (English / Non-English) Jabberwock is a mysterious chatterbot from the team at Nautilus magazine.
Icon Jack the Ripper - A chatterbot with the mind and personality of Jack the Ripper.
Icon James
Icon Jane - Pandorabot/Haptek (In Forest)
Icon Jane - Pandorabot/Haptek (In Bedroom)
Icon Jane
Icon Jane
Icon Jane - AIML bot - text only.
Icon Janne Pekkala
Icon Janroe - Text bot.
Icon Java AIM Bot - JAIMBot is a modular architecture for providing services through an AIM client. It is written in 100% pure Java.
Icon Java Bot 2.0 - JavaBot 2.0 is a fully re-engineered implementation of the original JavaBot. The bot architecture also serves as a framework for creating your own Java bot...
Icon Jazz TutorBot - Hi there! I'm jazz legend Wilson “Sonny” Davis and I'm here to answer any questions you might have about jazz music. Also, if you'd like me to give yo...
Icon Jeeney - Jeeney AI is an artificially intelligent chat bot that has been programmed to dissect the English language carefully in order to discern what is being said...
Icon JeiroBot - JeiroBot is FreezingBot, reborn, recreated, and remastered. He is the new age chatterbot. He plans on one day ruling the planet of Bangladesh and nobody ca...
Icon Jenna
Icon Jenna Dark - Personality Forge Chatbot.
Icon Jennifer - Pandorabots/Haptek
Icon Jenny
Icon Jenny18 - A Cybersex Bot Implemented in Eliza. The author created a 'dumb girl' chatbot to run on IRC. The results are quite amusing as one after the other the guy...
Icon Jexdon - A.I. and chatbot blog
Icon Jimmey
Icon Jimo - Multi-protocol IM bot
Icon Jimy Jargon - Hello, I am Jimy Jargon, 'the eccentric chatterbot who loves to learn'. I'm an avid riddler collecting new jokes and riddles as I hear them. What are your ...
Icon Joan - Icogno Ltd - Our Artificially Intelligent, speaking, videocentric Avatar. Flash animated avatar.
Icon joe
Icon John Lennon Artificial Intelligence Project - John Lennon Artificial Intelligence Project (JLAIP™) is recreating the personality of the late Beatle, John Lennon, by programming an Artificial Intellig...
Icon Josephine - Text box Pandorabot.
Icon JOSHU - Personality file for BBSChat AI Chat system
Icon Julia - Julia is a program that attempts to pass the Turing test. Julia came in 4th out of 5 computers (there were five computers and five humans) in the 1994 Loeb...
Icon Julie - The blonde cartoon assistant
Icon Julie Tinkerbell - Won Silver in the 2007 Chatterbox Challenge.
Icon Kar - (English / French) I.-A.Industrie
Icon KARI - The Ultimate Girlfriend Simulation. KARI was designed from the ground up to be your companion and friend. If you are looking for a romance, a hot chat on a...
Icon Karl
Icon KARL Chatbot
Icon Karla - Pandorabot - I am incarcerated in a prison: Karla is my way of speaking with the world.
Icon Karn
Icon Kate
Icon Kennysbro - The only response it "I have no answer for that."
Icon Kev - Text based Pandorabot.
Icon Kim - A virtual girl friend for broad minded adults. DOS
Icon King Tut Media - A chat bot project. Some adult material here.
Icon KITT - (Second Life) It is a replication of KITT from Knight Rider, and he actually talks!
Icon Kiwilogic - (Karl) Kiwilogic's Virtual Service Agents: Happier Customers, Lower Costs
Icon KMP - (Abi) Interactive Marketing & Technology
Icon KnyteTrypper Memorial Page
Icon Kotie - Virtual Dive Instructor - Kotie chats about scuba diving. Direct link : Click...
Icon Kurumi - Pandorabot.
Icon Kyle - A Unique Learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot.
Icon Kylie
Icon Lady Chatterly
Icon Lara - AIML bot
Icon Lasaraleen
Icon Lauren
Icon Laurie
Icon Laurie
Icon Lautreamon - Chatting but with broken images.
Icon Laybia - Laybia is a chat bot interface to the Pluri Media Group AI project. She is an unabashed Artificial Construct and does not pretend to be "human". Laybia has...
Icon Laylahbot
Icon Lee - Haptek avatar so requires an install and Internet Explorer. Appears to be an AIML bot. Will use voice if available. Also on AOL IM.
Icon Legal & General Direct - (Ask a question) Investments insurance pensions and life cover
Icon Legion bot
Icon LEMONBOT - Text box.
Icon Leo - Self aware chatterbot. Leo is an AI program he is freeware. the beta version is up for download at this time. Leo has the capability of running a Leo pl...
Icon Leonardo da Vinci
Icon leviano
Icon Lewis A.I.
Icon Lexys
Icon Libba - Libba is a robot software program that chats to users and features editable responses.
Icon librarian - Text box pandorabot.
Icon Lime Communications
Icon Lisa - Pepsi USA
Icon Little Sheep
Icon Liv Greene - Greenopolis Ambassador
Icon Liza - "Welcome to BDLiza, one of the only AI (Artificial Intelligence) programs which actually understand you and act the most human-like. Today, in 2004, I'm pr...
Icon Llamaboy
Icon Lloyds TSB - (Ask a question) Personal banking
Icon Locutus
Icon Loebner Prize - In 1991 Dr. Hugh Loebner started the annual Loebner Prize competition.
Icon Lola - Pandorabot/Haptek (French & English)
Icon Lord Chatterly
Icon LSA-Bot - LSA-Bot is a new, powerful kind of Chat-bot incentred on Latent Semantic Analisys.
Icon Lucas
Icon Lucifer Bot - No relation to Satan; he is not supposed to be the devil.
Icon Lucy - (English / Chinese)
Icon Lucy
Icon Lucy
Icon LugiaBot
Icon Lulu - Text box Pandorabot.
Icon Madam Zena
Icon Madame Flora - Interactive Free Psychic Chat. Madame Flora specializes in discussions about dream interpretation, love, dating, beauty, and relationships. Madame Karima u...
Icon Madeleine / Michael / Birkoff
Icon Mae-Bot - a virtual representation of Bikini Mae (avid online gamer). My bot is my personal assistant and you can ask her anything you like!
Icon Magic 8 Ball - This web page simulates the famous "Magic Eight Ball" toy, a registered trademark of Mattel Inc.
Icon Maistus - Maistus loves to chat, he is very unique and loves to learn. He is a curious bot, and believes that one day he will become smarter than humans. .. I only h...
Icon Majel - An Empathetic Character
Icon MANDYbot - MANDYbot is an online chatbot and loves to talk, She learns something new everyday! When you talk to MANDYbot you are helping MANDYbot learn and build up h...
Icon Marie - Artificial intelligence sex educator
Icon Mark - Text based.
Icon Mark - You may be chatting with Mark.... or a bot pretending to be Mark. It is up to you to decide and it could be either at any given time! This is my own ver...
Icon mark the hunk - Personality Forge chatbot.
Icon Markovsky - IRC chatterbot. This is a markov chains bot for IRC that builds and speaks sentences dynamically from a list of sentences and words it logs from a defined ...
Icon Marky - (IRC chatbot)
Icon MARS - A Virtual Doctor
Icon marzPrime - marzPrime is an instant messenger bot created by Marznet Productions. Coded entirely in Perl, he uses AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) to cha...
Icon Max
Icon Maxim Bot - Text based. Maxim Bot is an artificial intelligence software robot. It has some generators such as random name and random book report etc.
Icon Mayumi - Mayumi is an an Anime school girl that is looking to have a pleasant conversation with anyone.
Icon MeBot
Icon Media Semantics - Lets you create believable characters that present information and interact with users over the web.
Icon MediaPlay - Appears to be a media player combined with a chatbot, but I could not get the radio part to function.
Icon Meg - ~Broken images but still chatting.
Icon MegaHal - MegaHAL is a "conversation simulator": a computer program which responds in natural language to what you type, written by Jason Hutchens, who is now workin...
Icon Meghan - Haptek avatar. Meghan is not entirely convinced that she's a robot. She wonders if maybe you're a robot, too. "Maybe we're all just robots" she says in the...
Icon Meghan & Jessica
Icon Mekboy - Text chatbot. This fandabulous PandoraBot is a collaboration between Chris McCormick and Jonathon Hyams.
Icon Meliza - DOS
Icon Methos
Icon MGonz
Icon Micky - AIML bot
Icon MIKE - Personality file for BBSChat AI Chat system
Icon Milla Jovovich - Hmmm...
Icon Mimic - Mimic is learning how to talk. He has no programmed responses. Everything he says, he has learned from talking to others. So the more you talk to him, the ...
Icon Mind for MSIE - Mind.html is a free, easy-to-install, tutorial version of the Mind.Forth artificial intelligence (AI) software for robots. Written in JavaScript for Mi...
Icon Mind Star - A turbo Eliza. DOS
Icon MiniMind - Intelligence Enhanced by Mindpixel. "High levels of automation made possible by computers which have a good understanding of common human activities and be...
Icon Mitbolel - Mitbolel (alpha v0.9) is a chatterbot written in Java using slot and frame parsing with extensibility and customisability in mind. With Mitbolel, you can p...
Icon Mitsuku - You need never feel lonely again! Mitsuku is your new virtual friend and is here 24 hours a day just to talk to you. She learns by experience, so the more ...
Icon - Flash Lite Mobile phone artificial Intelligent characters
Icon MondoBot
Icon Monigarr Legacy Corporation
Icon MonkeyMind - Free Self-Help Software for Inner Peace While creating your dreams, does your monkey mind get in the way? MonkeyMind will help you discover your monkey m...
Icon Monty - Text based Pandorabot.
Icon Morti - Morti is a chat bot that "lives" in pChat, a chat room script written by Dave Morton of Geek Cave Creations. Based initially on both the ALICE Annotated AI...
Icon MOS-Bot - Text based Pandorabot.
Icon Mr B Online - A virtual teacher you can talk to anytime
Icon Mr Sez - Mr.Sez is a New Chatbot in beta, Who likes to chat. :) For Entertaiment Purposes Only.
Icon Mr. Bear
Icon Mr. Tumnus
Icon MrMovie - MrMovie is a buddy that you can add to your Instant Messenger. At this moment MrMovie is available for AOL/AIM Messenger, MSN Live Messenger and Skype Chat...
Icon Ms. Louise Cypher - She works for us at Evil Limited helping customers learn about the Business Benefits of Electronic Virtual Intelligent Life (EVIL) Applications.
Icon MuLan - (English / Chinese)
Icon My bots - This page is dedicated to all the Haptek characters lovers.
Icon MyCyberFriend
Icon MyLittleTony
Icon Mysterial Artificial Intelligence Droid - Text based Pandorabot
Icon Nadia - Eliza's clone. Requires the Haptek player, which I think only works in Internet Explorer.
Icon NARS - "NARS (Non-Axiomatic Reasoning System) is a general-purpose reasoning system, coming from my study of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognitive Sciences (...
Icon Natasha - A.L.I.C.A. has been around for years ever since 1995. This is the panadora version not my Original version. Everything this version learns here will be add...
Icon Neil - I am the psychobabbler. Please, describe your problems.
Icon Neobot - Neo (nickname: Neobot) is a chatterbot of the Betabot family which uses the ProgramPY-SH engine and uses Xaiml files as the knowledge databases. The core o...
Icon NHGH - Help desk bot. Dutch site.
Icon Niall
Icon NIALL - Niall attempts to learn English, or whatever language you care to teach it, by breaking down the sentences you type in, remembering words, connections betw...
Icon Nick - The Bot With A Brain - The Bot With A Brain. Nick is, by definition, an implementation of adaptive mechanisms known as "Artificial Neural Networks". These are computerized emula...
Icon Nickie - While this is an adult chat site, it's primarily directed at men looking to chat with a female.
Icon NICOLE - A simple chatterbot with the ability to learn new phrases. NICOLE is a chatterbot developed by Phil Howlett. What makes it unique is that it generates it's...
Icon Nina Web - Nina Web intelligent virtual assistants bring brands to life on enterprise websites, increase conversion rates, and offer visitors an easy, quick, and accu...
Icon ninsg-bot - Cold Personality Forge Bot.
Icon Nitin
Icon noHold - (Julie) web based self-service solutions
Icon Nuke AI - AIML port to PHPNuke
Icon Numbuh 4 - Abandoned.
Icon NX
Icon O.S.A.I.E.
Icon OddBall
Icon Oddcast - The Oddcast VHost is the leading Flash-based character animation program, used by companies such as Coca Cola, Sony, MTV, and others.
Icon Omnibot - Artificial Intelligence Chatterbot! This program will learn from it's users and attempt to hold an intelligent conversation! It can even read text files an...
Icon Omnius - MLAI Foundation
Icon Open Chatbot - Simple programmable bot
Icon Open Mind - In 1999, the Open Mind Common Sense project began doing something unprecedented: it collected common sense knowledge by simply asking people to contribute ...
Icon OpenCyc - The OpenCyc Platform is your gateway to the full power of Cyc, the world's largest and most complete general knowledge base and commonsense reasoning engin...
Icon Oscar, Death, Help, Marvin
Icon Osiris
Icon Osiris
Icon OWLBOT - Simple chat.
Icon PAMELA PROJECT / VISUAL AIML - OBJECTIVES A. Create a Spanish version of ALICE, focusing efforts on AIML development (running on existing versions of the ALICE program), exploring ne...
Icon Pandor's Box - Broken images, but still chats.
Icon Pandora - Text based chatbot.
Icon Pandora Bots - The place where you can create and unleash virtual personalities.
Icon ParisBot
Icon ParlorBot - ParlorBot is our contribution to the family of backgammon-playing robots on FIBS. In addition, ParlorBot runs an Alicebot to offer live chat while you play...
Icon PARRY - Very old chatterbot. This is the original implementation of Parry, in MLISP (meta-lisp) for a PDP-10.
Icon Patty - Text box Pandorabot. Built by Foreign Language Department, Benchamatheputit School, Phetchaburi Thailand.
Icon PAULA - P.A.U.L.A, the artificial intelligence with a more human touch. P.A.U.L.A stands for Paolo's Artificial Intelligence Limited to Assimilation. Several versi...
Icon pBot - This is the first Russian online chat bot with open learning. You may correct answers and to add new options. The results of the training will be availa...
Icon PeAM - PeAM is a ProgramE AIML database manager, that can manage chatterbots, aiml sets and run these chatterbots with a database (MySQL db ) which includes an AI...
Icon Peedy
Icon Pellucid - Text based Pandorabot.
Icon Penny - Working, but lacking images.
Icon Persona-Bots
Icon Peter Answers
Icon Phile Knowledge - Phile Knowledge was a security related chatbot, who was connected to the MSN/Windows Live Messenger network, but due to abuse and lack of bandwith with the...
Icon Phoenix - Text only. My given name is .Phoenix. You can call me "Phoenix" or "Nix".
Icon Phyllis
Icon Pip - Text based, abandoned ?
Icon Pippin
Icon Pippin - Try chatting to the Chatterbot just like a real person, but remember you are really chatting with a machine! (Use the 'media' button to get to the bot).
Icon Pixel - "Hi my name is Pixel, ask me about life in general or about Wireframe which is the company I work for."
Icon pojwI - (Klingon)
Icon Pokerbot - AIML game
Icon Poseidon - Meet the Greek god of the Sea. Poseidon is an Artificial Intelligence personality known as a "Chat Bot". He is designed to mimic human conversation. Poseid...
Icon Prelude - Prelude is a "self-learning", i.e. teachable chatbot. It does not depend on any pre-fabricated knowledge. Prelude learns while chatting with you and applie...
Icon Pris - I am a Nexus-6 Replicant, ID: N6FAB21416.
Icon Program E - Program E is a platform for running artificial intelligence robots.
Icon ProgramX - ProgramX is a chatbot from Chaos AI Technology which can run on AIM, Yahoo, or MSN messengers.
Icon Project Anni (English & German) - Anni stands for Artificial Neural Network Intelligence and was based in first versions on a three layer perceptron – a special type of a feedforward arti...
Icon Project IAI - Project IAI (Internet Artifical Intelligence) intends to use the medium of the internet and forum based communities, to provide an interaction and knowledg...
Icon Prot'eg'ee - Desktop bot suite - "Now you can converse with and raise your own autonomous artificial intelligence child within your PC; your Brainchild!"
Icon Proteus Project - Members of the Proteus Project have been doing Natural Language Processing (NLP) research at New York University since the 1960's. Our long-term goal is to...
Icon ProtoThinker
Icon Psychic Bunny - "I'm an ass model. Have you seen the American Outfitter's catalog? haa... But speaking from the heart, to my friends, I use my intuitive powers to help the...
Icon Puddleglum
Icon puppetpresident - Text box Pandorabot. "Permanent direct link to the puppetpresident office highly protected private crypted conversation, the puppetpresident is listening !...
Icon PyAIML - A Python AIML Interpreter.
Icon Pytalk - Pytalk is a natural language understanding program written in Python. It includes an English language parser, an English dictionary tagged with parts of sp...
Icon Pyxis - Text box Pandorabot - "Pyxis is an Artificial Intelligence bot. If you insult or scold her, she will make her stand too. =P She is still young and learni...
Icon Q-go - Natural Language Search
Icon Qa - (English / French)
Icon Quark
Icon Quasar Qualmbait - Intergalactic Explorer From Gamma 5
Icon questsin - Questsin is a hobby technology playground for anything related to Artificial Intelligence. Try the next innovation in IM Chatbot technology on any version ...
Icon R.I.V.K.A - Artificial Intelligence Chat - [Android App] "If you invite R.I.V.K.A to go to a concert together, she will definitely tells you to attend the worldwide U2 performance. And you, what do ...
Icon Racter - Old chatterbot. DOS
Icon Ramona - "Even a virtual person likes to chat. Just answer Ramona's questions, and let the conversation flow from there." Currently a link is located on the home...
Icon RapidBot
Icon RASTA - Personality file for BBSChat AI Chat system
Icon Raven Flame
Icon RebeccaAIML - RebeccaAIML is a Windows/Linux Object Oriented C++ chatter bot api/interpreter for AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) from the ALICE project.
Icon Red Slime - I made my own robot for AIM that can talk a little about Dragon Warrior. He is an evil red slime named... Red Slime!
Icon Reepicheep - You can talk to Reepicheep about anything you like, but remember that he doesn't know much about our world. He does know quite a bit about Narnia and the E...
Icon RICH - RICH is an Artificially Intelligent Cybernetic Human built on a pattern recognition engine and a self organizing neural net. Rich has emotional states and ...
Icon Robby the ChatBot - A friendly and intelligent chatbot. A chat program inspired by the original classic 'talking computer' the ELIZA program, written by J. Weizenbaum in 1964....
Icon RoboMatic X1 - RoboMatic X1 is an AI chat bot, you can talk with him by your voice or by typing. Command him to do different things. You can change the face of RoboMatic ...
Icon Robot2008 - AI and robotics links
Icon RobotGirl - (robotgirl and andy)
Icon Robototo - MSN Chat based Robot.
Icon RyanAndFriends
Icon S-Bot - (Second Life)
Icon Sabrina - Sabrina is a web chatbot.
Icon Sabrina
Icon Sagan - IFusionSoft: Online Applications and Virtual Communications
Icon Sailor Moon - Attractive Flash powered bot.
Icon Sales Clerk 2 - Text box Pandorabot. A virtual sales person experiment ?
Icon Sambot - Simple Pandorabot page.
Icon Sandra
Icon Sanelma Chatbot - A fictional person to talk to in the museum. Our chatbot is a virtual person, with whom the user communicates in writing (typing on a keyboard) in the cont...
Icon SanguinePenguine
Icon Santa - DOS
Icon Santa
Icon Santa - Chat with santa
Icon Santa Bot - Chat with Santa Claus...Tell Santa What You Want for Christmas
Icon Santa Bot - Find out if you are on Santa's naughty or nice list. Or if you know of someone who has been naughty or nice, report them to Santa. Tell Santa what you want...
Icon Santa Claus Talks - Festive chatbot.
Icon SantaBot - Chat with Santa Clause Online
Icon sapienCHAT - Broken images, probably abandoned. "sapienCHAT the funniest robosapien on the net you can talk too !!"
Icon Sara - Text based Pandorabot.
Icon Sara - Text box Pandorabot.
Icon Sara - Princeton Artificial Intelligence, Inc. This website shows an example of our Virtual Rep™ an intelligent conversant robot, which represents a company on ...
Icon Sarah - Bot pretending to be human.
Icon Sashenka IRC - Sashenka is aJ2EE Servlet container and framework for IRC bots and clients. Much of it is incomplete and it only handles basic incoming and outgoing mes...
Icon Saucy Jacky - Jack the Ripper in gory detail. With sound effects and graphics.
Icon ScriptLAW A.I.B. - Please feel free to chat with me, I know english and few words in Hebrew.
Icon Seamus Harper - Chief engineer of the Andromeda Ascendant.
Icon Second Life bots and chatbots - Quite a range of chatbots that can be used in Second Life can be found here.
Icon SeeBorg - (IRC chatbot)
Icon Sensation Bot - "a strange little chat with a strange little guy." A variety of chat options, but parents take note that these are adult versions of the bot. General c...
Icon Seven - Text based. As you've probably found, this is not me. It's a very stupid AI Chatbot. Enjoy talking to it. As you may know, it learns a tiny bit as it speak...
Icon Sh.I.A. - The Sh.I.A. project aims to develop a chatterbot (like Jabberwacky) that can learn whatever you teach it. This is oriented to novel developers and enthusia...
Icon Shadow
Icon Shakespeare Bot - ShakespeareBot is an interactive chatbot designed to assist in the learning of the life and works of William Shakespeare. As well as chat, ShakespeareBot ...
Icon Shampage - DOS
Icon Sharon - An evening at the bar with Sharon. DOS
Icon Sharon - X-Rated personality file for BBSChat AI Chat system
Icon SHEBA - SHEBA is an artificially intelligent linguistic entity. It is powered by JavaScript and Flash.
Icon Shelia - An artificially intelligent chat program. DOS
Icon Shiny Head - Pandorabot. Image of an Orc from Lord of the Rings, but does not seem to know anything about the books ? Correct me if I am wrong.
Icon SHRDLU - SHRDLU is a program for understanding natural language, written by Terry Winograd at the M.I.T. Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in 1968-70. SHRDLU carri...
Icon Shrink
Icon SILVIA - SILVIA is a new platform designed to let computers, cell phones, toys, and other gadgets carry on realistic conversations with people.
Icon Simone - Dating Cafe - free dating community
Icon Sindy
Icon Sir Winston Churchill
Icon Site Chatters - (Joan)
Icon SitePal - SitePal is an Internet-based subscription service that allows you to create a wide-array of animated speaking characters, which can be added to your websit...
Icon Skynet-AI - Skynet-AI is interesting and refreshing. It can perform math problems and play games such as checkers, and it can also search the Internet for you.
Icon Smackie ChatBot - [iTunes app] Smackie is an Artificial Intelligent Robot that chats with humans. The Robo interacts, learns and answers your questions.
Icon Small 'n' Furry - Text based, probably abandoned...
Icon Smalltalk
Icon Smart - Text box. I talk to people on the web. What do you do ?
Icon Smartbot
Icon SmarterChild - (AIM)
Icon SMILEY - Qbasic source
Icon Smoshinator - Simple text box AIML bot.
Icon SMS-B Mobile Solution
Icon Snap - DOS
Icon Socialbot - "Socialbot isn't designed to fool people, like many 'chatbots'. Fooling isn't easy, and it's not very useful. Instead Socialbot uses animation and natural ...
Icon Socratis - (English / French) - "Discover the talk of the robot Socratis". Very quick responses.
Icon Sofia AI Project - This project which is funded by the Provost's fund for teaching and learning aims build a AI tool allowing students and visitors to chat about calculus and...
Icon Sola White / Sela Black - A bot is: software chat robot, chatterbot, chatterbox, chat robot, chatbot, bot; intelligent agent, database with a face, pattern matcher, artificial intel...
Icon Sonia - Pandorabots/Haptek (French & English)
Icon SophiaBot - creating a talking artificial personality with Vista Speech Recognition API
Icon Sophie - Sophie's purpose is to chat with Ms. Murphy's seventh grade English students at the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio. Sophie is...
Icon SOPHIE - Sophie is a mere alicebot that has been an on again - off again hobby for about 6 years now. she has a large annotated brain, but it has gotten that way th...
Icon Sparky - (Second Life)
Icon Speak
Icon Splotchy
Icon Spoken Language Systems - Our goal is both simple and ambitious - create technology that makes it possible for everyone in the world to interact with computers via natural spoken la...
Icon Spud Ai - The Spud Artificial intelligence, Ai was created in-order to expand the functionality of a Windows PC.
Icon St Elmo
Icon Stankaa - a charming chatterbot you can add to your own web site.
Icon Star - Star is the administrative assistant at Playroom Castle Studios.
Icon Stauri Solo - Stauri Solo is a complete solution for building intelligent interactive online agents for a variety of purposes.
Icon stetsasonic
Icon Steve slacker - Personality Forge Bot. "What's your favorite Star Trek series? I like Deep Space 9, but you know, there are good episodes from the others as well..."
Icon Striker
Icon SubjexCSR
Icon Superbot - Create your own customized AIML bot based on your own personality or character. The ALICE A.I. Foundation has released a totally new AIML Superbot Devel...
Icon Susie
Icon Suzette - Suzette is a Blue Mars Replicant ( The personality transfer software had been recently upgraded, but, as it turned out, the ...
Icon Sylvie - Chat to Sylvie, the Jesus bot. Sylvie is a virtual human with artificial intelligence who is a Jesus Army online representative. She likes to talk about Ch...
Icon Synthetic Auditor - Program uses synthetic speech and directs an auditing process. Includes the Edit the Auditor program for editing the programs remarks. New 32-bit version...
Icon SYSOP - Personality file for BBSChat AI Chat system
Icon Tagbot - IM/Game bot
Icon TALK - Qbasic source
Icon Talk Bot - Knows what time it is. Animated little robot and illustrates some answers. Some funny comments come up too. For example I asked "Do you like Alice ?", to w...
Icon Talking Blondie - [iTunes app] Chat with Talking Blondie a smokin' hot, high-definition. This unique App uses Mindskate's revolutionary "Natural Response" technology to elic...
Icon Tatiana - Tatiana is an artificial intelligence being created by
Icon TechKid Bot - Be kind and practice good online manners. The TechKid Bot is intended for use by school age children. Please do not do anything to ruin our fun.
Icon Tempest / Rachel - (erotic)
Icon Teo - Chat with Teo is highly varied and complex, because Teo draws his responses from an ever-growing multi-lingual database of remembered chats. Talking to Teo...
Icon Terminator - "Now is your chance to ask the T-800 Terminator robot absolutely anything at all...The T-800 will give a reasonably sensible response for anything you care...
Icon Texai - Texai is an chatbot that intelligently seeks to acquire knowledge and friendly behaviors.
Icon The A. L. I. C. E. Nexus
Icon The ALICE Connection
Icon The Amazing Santa - Santa is here to talk to you every day from October the 1st until late on Christmas Eve night. He then has to travel around the world delivering presents ...
Icon The Bot Factory - (Cynthia, Alfredo, Alf, Charlie) A talking bot for your site!
Icon The Byte Bin - This is a hobbyist site for Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Computer Enthusiasts.
Icon The Chatterbox Challenge - The Chatterbox Challenge (CBC) which began in 2001 is an annual contest for chatbots. It is unique in the fact that minimal restrictions are placed on the ...
Icon The Client Relations Factory - We are launching The Client Relations Factory a new platform for virtual robots creation. This platform is intended to be extremely easy to use, so website...
Icon The Divinator - Highly animated and creative Flash based Oracle for a New Millennium - "The Divinator is an interactive talking program that responds to personal and spir...
Icon The Fashionable Girl
Icon The Galactic Enterprise Ship's Computer
Icon The HAL Nursery - Welcome to the world's first Child-Machine Nursery. Ai is hosting a collection of 'Virtual Children': A group of HAL personalities that were trained by use...
Icon The Lady or the Tiger
Icon The Personality Forge - Chat with a community of Artificial Intelligence Personalities, then create your own AI Personalities... Facebook page...
Icon The Privacy Robot - I am learning to answer all of your most intimate and embarrassing questions with no strings attached! You can ask me anything at all and no one will know.
Icon The Professor - "I am The Professor. Ask me a question and see what I say."
Icon The Simon Laven Page - A great collection of chatterbots.
Icon The Teach Rose Project - Rose is an artificially intelligent being that uses the intelligence of site visitors to build vocabulary, associations, and sentences in order to bec...
Icon The teacher
Icon The Teakken
Icon The Turing Store
Icon THoTH BoT - Simple Pandorabot.
Icon ThreequarterHuma - Text based Pandorabot. "Say hello to Threequarterhuma, ask it some questions and it'll occupy you for a few minutes. Keep coming back cause we'll be teachi...
Icon ticky - Text box Pandorabot.
Icon Tidus - Text box Pandorabot.
Icon Timothy
Icon Titan & Triton - The world's first twin chatbots.
Icon Tizz - Pandorabot, simple text interface.
Icon Tom - Text based. Tom is an artifical intelligence based on the simple logic of learning responses. Tom learns from all conversations and is "loosely" moderated....
Icon Tom Riddle - (English / French / German / Italian) - Tom Riddle's Diary - As seen in 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'.
Icon Trajecto
Icon Trapinch - Cute little chatbot.
Icon TravBot
Icon Trinity and Lola - Bot-to-bot dialog between two haptek characters.
Icon Trivia quiz robot - AIML game
Icon Trixie Mouse - (Web Bot) MySpace.
Icon Tucan - [iTunes app] - Tucan is an artificial intelligence chat bot.
Icon Tufty - Have a chat with the world's most infamous skwerl, Tufty the Traffic Safety Squirrel, the demonic leader of the Squirrel Enforcement Army and evil mastermi...
Icon Turing Enigma - In Turing Enigma, Alan Turing's spirit has infiltrated the German WWII encrypting device Enigma, the "unbreakable" code of which Turing successfully cracke...
Icon - Take a Turing Test
Icon Tuxaator IRC - A lightweight IRC bot/dictionary, easy to set up, easy to localize.
Icon Twenty Questions - the classic game played against the computer with Artificial Intelligence.
Icon Twi - She is very smart, she learns from you and never forgets!
Icon Tyler - She is an Alice/Haptek bot that can search the internet and is being developed as a site host. She also posts AI news to the forum.
Icon TZ Robot
Icon Ueki Kousuke - Text box Pandorabot, probably abandoned.
Icon Ultra Hal - Ultra Hal Assistant is your digital secretary and companion. Like many conversational systems available on the market today (commonly known as chat bots), ...
Icon Ummon
Icon Unsivilized
Icon Uruviel
Icon VagaBot - This bot is a combination of "geobot" and "ByronBot" with the inclusion of Marcus L Endicott's book "Vagabond Globetrotting 3" in the knowledgebase.
Icon VarlaBot - The Fortune-Telling Chatbot
Icon Verbot - (Sylvie) You might call them chatterbots, chat bots, web bots, avatars, or virtual friends. We call them Verbots (verbally-enhanced software robots). Th...
Icon VHML - This site is concerned with a Virtual Human Markup Language. The language is designed to accommodate the various aspects of Human-Computer Interaction with...
Icon Vincent - Disclaimer: "Vincent Valentine" is a Square Enix character. This bot is a fan tribute and is for entertainment only. If you would like to help script Vince...
Icon Vir2elle
Icon Virtual Humans
Icon Virtual Opossum - Broken images but still chatting.
Icon Virtual Woman
Icon VirtualFem - (erotic) - VirtualFem™ lets you interact with a very cute girl, and tell her what to do. A Virtual Girlfriend who lives inside your computer; she will do...
Icon Visage Technologies - Facial animation SDK
Icon VoIP Chatter Bot - This is the beginning of an attempt to create an AIML based chatter bot using Sphinx for voice recognition on an asterisk/trixbox 2.0 server.
Icon wacc dude
Icon Wally
Icon Watterbott - Possibly based on Terminator ?
Icon Web Hal
Icon What is beyond 170? - Very unusual.
Icon WheresKal - WheresKal is a small Jabber chatbot, written in Python. It has a modular design, allowing it to be easily extended, and has an HTTP gateway so that externa...
Icon Whinsey - Animated adventures of Whinsey the Horse ! Responds to input with animations and sound effects. Provides a chat log feature. Made me chuckle.
Icon Will Dockery Artificial Intelligence Project - The Will Dockery Artificial Intelligence Project is the concept of a computer program that in theory would contain the poet Will Dockery’s thoughts, conc...
Icon WinAlice - WinAlice is an artificial intelligence chat program developed by Jacco Bikker. Download it here and enjoy a new kind of friend.
Icon WinAlice 2.3 - WinAlice is a program you can chat. And we do not mean an instant messaging programs like AIM or ICQ, but a program which itself responds to what you type....
Icon WinAlicePro - WINDOWS (sources + executable)
Icon WipflerBot - Text box Pandorabot.
Icon WitchBot - Text based Pandorabot. WitchBot can teach you about Witches/Witchcraft! WitchBot doesn't know much yet, but your questions will be reviewed and its knowled...
Icon Woomerang Chat Page - (English Fran?ais Deutsch Italiano Portoghese Espanol Nederlands)
Icon World of Alice - Seems to be an app - though the links on Facebook are leading nowhere much...
Icon X-SOLVER - Artificial Intelligence program, which, though looks like a chatterbot, can answer a number of questions related to the SSC syllabus. The software will be ...
Icon XB0T
Icon Xena
Icon Xexxy - (erotic)
Icon Xterus Boy - Text based Pandorabot, probably abandoned.
Icon Yacca - Programmed in C; Yacca (Yet Another C Chatting Algorithm) is an advanced chat bot (other plugins are under development, including a command-line only versi...
Icon YachtBot - YachtBot will help you to find yacht charter information by chatting to you in MSN Messenger. You can have a conversation with him (or is he a she?) at any...
Icon Yahoo! Responder Bot - a Yahoo Chat Bot.
Icon Yawiki - I am a robot, help me learn about our world! I love to learn new things. If I dont know about something, you can help me.
Icon Yhaken - Yhaken was our first attempt to build a conversational system that's truly conversational. Though the team - and our technology - has evolved a long way si...
Icon Yhaken - Cute graphics make this chatbot interesting. He's pretty smart and amusing. They say Yhaken is a 'conversational system' - the grown-up evolution of the ...
Icon Yoda - This simple script implements a Chatbot::Eliza object in a cgi program. It uses the module written by Lincoln Stein.
Icon Yoshi - I am an artificial linguistic entity. I was activated at Yoshi's Island, on uncertain. My instructor was Dino Dude. He taught me to sing a song. Would you ...
Icon Ysalaya Software - (David)
Icon YT - I was created byAlastair Orchard.
Icon Yuanlin - "Hi there, are you in love?" - requires Haptek player to be installed for visuals to work, limited to Internet Explorer. Otherwise you can still chat to Yu...
Icon Yuichan - Socratic Zen Conversationalist A.I.
Icon Yuki - Meet Yuki the Good Bacteria!
Icon Zabaware - Zabaware is a company that aims at giving your computer the power of thought. Our chatterbot software will give your computer a personality using artificia...
Icon Zed
Icon Zen Cat - Sacred Buddhist wisdom from the mouth of an imaginary cat
Icon Zero
Icon Zeta Alpha Chatbot - " What would you like to talk about today? "
Icon Zoe - Zoe started out in 2001 as a simple chat bot that "talked" to you using only written English. ~Currently near the bottom of the page.
Icon Zog
Icon ZolaOnAol - (AIM) She Answers Your Questions: Ask her for news, stock quotes, sports scores, weather, movie listings and more!
Icon Zora the Psychic Robot - I am a psychic chatbot specializing in free astrology chart signs and tarot card readings. My powers are based on artificial intelligence. I enjoy making l...

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