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Icon Tagbot - IM/Game bot
Icon TALK - Qbasic source
Icon Talk Bot - Knows what time it is. Animated little robot and illustrates some answers. Some funny comments come up too. For example I asked "Do you like Alice ?", to w...
Icon Talking Blondie - [iTunes app] Chat with Talking Blondie a smokin' hot, high-definition. This unique App uses Mindskate's revolutionary "Natural Response" technology to elic...
Icon Tatiana - Tatiana is an artificial intelligence being created by
Icon TechKid Bot - Be kind and practice good online manners. The TechKid Bot is intended for use by school age children. Please do not do anything to ruin our fun.
Icon Tempest / Rachel - (erotic)
Icon Teo - Chat with Teo is highly varied and complex, because Teo draws his responses from an ever-growing multi-lingual database of remembered chats. Talking to Teo...
Icon Terminator - "Now is your chance to ask the T-800 Terminator robot absolutely anything at all...The T-800 will give a reasonably sensible response for anything you care...
Icon Texai - Texai is an chatbot that intelligently seeks to acquire knowledge and friendly behaviors.
Icon The A. L. I. C. E. Nexus
Icon The ALICE Connection
Icon The Amazing Santa - Santa is here to talk to you every day from October the 1st until late on Christmas Eve night. He then has to travel around the world delivering presents ...
Icon The Bot Factory - (Cynthia, Alfredo, Alf, Charlie) A talking bot for your site!
Icon The Byte Bin - This is a hobbyist site for Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Computer Enthusiasts.
Icon The Chatterbox Challenge - The Chatterbox Challenge (CBC) which began in 2001 is an annual contest for chatbots. It is unique in the fact that minimal restrictions are placed on the ...
Icon The Client Relations Factory - We are launching The Client Relations Factory a new platform for virtual robots creation. This platform is intended to be extremely easy to use, so website...
Icon The Divinator - Highly animated and creative Flash based Oracle for a New Millennium - "The Divinator is an interactive talking program that responds to personal and spir...
Icon The Fashionable Girl
Icon The Galactic Enterprise Ship's Computer
Icon The HAL Nursery - Welcome to the world's first Child-Machine Nursery. Ai is hosting a collection of 'Virtual Children': A group of HAL personalities that were trained by use...
Icon The Lady or the Tiger
Icon The Personality Forge - Chat with a community of Artificial Intelligence Personalities, then create your own AI Personalities... Facebook page...
Icon The Privacy Robot - I am learning to answer all of your most intimate and embarrassing questions with no strings attached! You can ask me anything at all and no one will know.
Icon The Professor - "I am The Professor. Ask me a question and see what I say."
Icon The Simon Laven Page - A great collection of chatterbots.
Icon The Teach Rose Project - Rose is an artificially intelligent being that uses the intelligence of site visitors to build vocabulary, associations, and sentences in order to bec...
Icon The teacher
Icon The Teakken
Icon The Turing Store
Icon THoTH BoT - Simple Pandorabot.
Icon ThreequarterHuma - Text based Pandorabot. "Say hello to Threequarterhuma, ask it some questions and it'll occupy you for a few minutes. Keep coming back cause we'll be teachi...
Icon ticky - Text box Pandorabot.
Icon Tidus - Text box Pandorabot.
Icon Timothy
Icon Titan & Triton - The world's first twin chatbots.
Icon Tizz - Pandorabot, simple text interface.
Icon Tom - Text based. Tom is an artifical intelligence based on the simple logic of learning responses. Tom learns from all conversations and is "loosely" moderated....
Icon Tom Riddle - (English / French / German / Italian) - Tom Riddle's Diary - As seen in 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'.
Icon Trajecto
Icon Trapinch - Cute little chatbot.
Icon TravBot
Icon Trinity and Lola - Bot-to-bot dialog between two haptek characters.
Icon Trivia quiz robot - AIML game
Icon Trixie Mouse - (Web Bot) MySpace.
Icon Tucan - [iTunes app] - Tucan is an artificial intelligence chat bot.
Icon Tufty - Have a chat with the world's most infamous skwerl, Tufty the Traffic Safety Squirrel, the demonic leader of the Squirrel Enforcement Army and evil mastermi...
Icon Turing Enigma - In Turing Enigma, Alan Turing's spirit has infiltrated the German WWII encrypting device Enigma, the "unbreakable" code of which Turing successfully cracke...
Icon - Take a Turing Test
Icon Tuxaator IRC - A lightweight IRC bot/dictionary, easy to set up, easy to localize.
Icon Twenty Questions - the classic game played against the computer with Artificial Intelligence.
Icon Twi - She is very smart, she learns from you and never forgets!
Icon Tyler - She is an Alice/Haptek bot that can search the internet and is being developed as a site host. She also posts AI news to the forum.
Icon TZ Robot

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