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Icon I.S.A.A.C - I.S.A.A.C is an AI Language Simulator, that can communicate in any language, and output a reasonably intellectual response.
Icon iChatbot - MSN chatbot written in Python
Icon iEinstein - You're Invited to Chat with iEinstein.
Icon IFusionSoft - Segan AI. I provide the best answer to virtually any question right here, without you having to search through a bunch of answers on the web.
Icon iGod - God bot - God as created by Nicolas Roy.
Icon Ikkyu - Text box Pandorabot. Japanese Poet, Priest - (1394-1481)
Icon ILoan - Oddcast powered bot.
Icon iLReco - iLReco is a program designed to allow the popular artificial Intelligence Bot (or Chatterbot) Leo (by Alan J. Brown) to directly connect to an IRC server a...
Icon implementation of A.L.I.C.E bot - A version of ALICE bot via FLASH interface. This FLASH demonstrates our product for chat via Bluetooh.
Icon - 'Our users can create and teach their own virtual characters (we call them 'infs'). Infs' creators choose appearance for their infs, teach them anything th...
Icon Info Bots - This is the new site for the infobot, the official home for the Infobot, a daemon module in Perl.
Icon Infobot - The infobot connects to an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server, joins some channels (maybe), and begins accumulating factoids. To run one, download the source...
Icon Iniaes - Original and humorous chat bot with many features.
Icon InnerPeace - Free Self-Counseling Software for Inner Peace
Icon Innocent English - BELL - BELL stands for Bot for English Language Learning.She also stands for Bot for Everyone a Little Lonely. She never gets bored or tired of talking wit...
Icon Intellitar - "Intellitar™ is the developer of the Intelligent Avatar Platform™ (IAP) and creator of Virtual Eternity™. Founded in 2008, Intellitar is delivering t...
Icon Interactive Drama Inc - Interactive Drama has created a software system that allows users to have a spoken conversation with the video images of heroes, master teachers, medical e...
Icon International Language Machines - [iTunes app] "Train your own virtual personality! iHal is a conversational learning system, trained to acquire language from a human trainer. iHal's bra...
Icon Iposatu - Talk to Iposatu in full sentences so he will understand you. Press 'Enter' each time after you have typed your question. Make sure that you spell the words...
Icon Ironteeth - Hi! I'm Ironteeth! I have been ordered by my master Sun Zhe to chat with people here. ~ Took a while to load.

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