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Icon Alan Turing: the enigma - Andrew Hodges's biography of Alan Turing, the brilliant Cambridge mathematician who masterminded the cracking of the German Enigma code and indeed was the ...
Icon Are We Spiritual Machines?: Ray Kurzweil vs. the Critics of Strong A.I.
Icon Artificial Dreams - The Quest for Non-Biological Intelligence - This book is a critique of Artificial Intelligence (AI) from the perspective of cognitive science – it seeks to examine what we have learned about human ...
Icon Artificial Intelligence - This is the all-time bestselling introduction to artificial intelligence. The third edition retains the best features of the earlier works, including super...
Icon Artificial Intelligence: A Guide to Intelligent Systems
Icon Artificial Intelligence: A New Synthesis
Icon Artificial Intelligence: Modern Approach
Icon Artificial Intelligence: Theory and Practice - This book provides a detailed understanding of the broad issues in artificial intelligence and a useful survey of current AI technology. The author deliver...
Icon Artificial Superintelligence
Icon Be Your Own Botmaster - AIML
Icon Beyond Humanity: Cyberevolution and Future Minds
Icon Bots: The Origin of New Species - Bots is the story of cyberspace's first indigenous species. Strings of code, bots are a software version of a mechanical robot. Originally meant to do our ...
Icon Build Your Own Army of Web Bots
Icon Constructing Intelligent Agents Using Java
Icon Constructions of the Mind
Icon Creating Emotion in Games: The Craft and Art of Emotioneering
Icon Dante's Virtual Library - "I was transferring stuff to my new computer, after I uploaded it to multiple cloud sites. Now, lo and behold, a thought struck me; Hey! I've got ple...
Icon Darwin Among the Machines: The Evolution of Global Intelligence (Helix Books)
Icon Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques with Java Implementations
Icon Embodied Conversational Agents - Embodied conversational agents are computer-generated cartoonlike characters that demonstrate many of the same properties as humans in face-to-face convers...
Icon Femme Digitale: Perfecting the Female Form on Your Computer
Icon Flesh and Machines: How Robots Will Change Us
Icon Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid
Icon HAL's Legacy - Inspired by HAL's self-proclaimed birth date, HAL's Legacy reflects upon science fiction's most famous computer and explores the relationship between scien...
Icon How We Became Posthuman: Virtual Bodies in Cybernetics, Literature, and Informatics
Icon Intelligent Agents for Mobile and Virtual Media - As the Internet and the WWW impact on corporate and private activities, the human-computer interface is becoming a central issue for the designers of these...
Icon Intelligent Software Agents
Icon Language Use, Personality and True Conversational Interfaces - Demand for conversational interfaces is great and growing, especially for online commercial applications. Creating such interfaces so that the information ...
Icon Machine Learning - [1997] This exciting addition to the McGraw-Hill Series in Computer Science focuses on the concepts and techniques that contribute to the rapidly changing ...
Icon Metamagical Themas: Questing for the Essence of Mind and Pattern
Icon Mind Children: The Future of Robot and Human Intelligence
Icon Natural Language Understanding (2nd Edition)
Icon Parsing the Turing Test - Philosophical and Methodological Issues in the Quest for the Thinking Computer
Icon Persuasive Technology: Using Computers to Change What We Think and Do
Icon Principles of Data Mining (Adaptive Computation and Machine Learning)
Icon Programming Bots, Spiders, and Intelligent Agents in Microsoft Visual C++ (Microsoft Programming Series)
Icon Programming Spiders, Bots, and Aggregators in Java
Icon Robot: Mere Machine to Transcendent Mind
Icon State Machines in Artificial Intelligence - The aim of this book is to build and implement intelligent state machines for the information management. The data structure, the memorization and inferenc...
Icon The Age of Spiritual Machines: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence
Icon The Elements of AIML Style by Dr. Richard S. Wallace - The Elements of AIML Style by Dr. Richard S. Wallace is a no-nonsense technical book that takes you on a journey from the first steps of creating your own ...
Icon The Elements of Statistical Learning
Icon The Emperor's New Mind: Concerning Computers, Minds, and the Laws of Physics
Icon The Mind's I: Fantasies and Reflections on Self & Soul
Icon The Turing Test - Verbal Behavior as the Hallmark of Intelligence
Icon TIME Your Brain: A User's Guide - The greatest computer ever built is less than 7 in. long and weighs less than 3 lb. It has no moving parts and makes not a sound. And yet it is the home of...
Icon Turing Machines and Universes
Icon Turing's World - Turing's World is a self-contained introduction to Turing machines, one of the fundamental notions of logic and computer science. The text and accompanying...
Icon Understanding Agent Systems
Icon Understanding Artificial Intelligence - Drawn from the pages of Scientific American and collected here for the first time, this work contains updated and condensed information, made accessible to...
Icon Universal Artificial Intelligence - This book presents sequential decision theory from a novel algorithmic information theory perspective. While the former is suited for active agents in know...
Icon When Things Start to Think

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