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Icon 'Horizon' The Great Robot Race 2006
Icon 'Prank' Patrol Robot 2006
Icon 8th MAN - (Tobor the 8th Man, Samantha 7) 1963
Icon A for Andromeda - (Andromeda) 1961
Icon Adventures of Superman - [Ep: The Runaway Robot] (Hero) 1953
Icon Adventures of Superman - [Ep: The Gentle Monster] (Mr McTavish) 1957
Icon Alfred Hitchcock Presents - [Ep: The Romance Machine] 1985
Icon Android Kikaider / Kikaida: Android of Justice / Kikaider - (Angler Brown, Bitter Orange Snail, Black Chameleon, Black Crow, Black Horse, Black Porcupine, Blue Buffalo, Blue Bulldog, Blue Electric Eel, Blue Waterbug... 1972
Icon Andromeda - (Andromeda Ascendant or Rommie) The AI of the starship Andromeda. This AI, played by Lexa Doig, appears as a 2D display screen image, a 3D hologram, and as... 2000
Icon Annihilator 1986
Icon Aqua Teen Hunger Force - [Ep: Super Computer] (OoGhiJ MIQtxxXA) supposedly Klingon for "superior galactic intelligence" 2003
Icon Are You Afraid of the Dark? - [Ep: The Tale of the Virtual Pets] (Diggers) 1999
Icon Ark II - [Ep: The Robot] 1976
Icon Assassin 1986
Icon Astar - (TV commercial 1980s) "I'm ASTAR, a robot. I can put my arm back on. You can't. So PLAYSAFE!" 1980
Icon Astro Boy - (Astro Boy) 1963
Icon Astro Boy - (Astro) 2004
Icon Atomic Betty - (X-5) 2004
Icon Automan 1983
Icon Bassie and Adriaan - (Robin) a small robot made by the clown Bassie 1978
Icon Batman - [Ep: The Joker's Last Laugh/The Joker's Epitaph] 1967
Icon Batman - [Ep: Nora Clavicle and the Ladies' Crime Club] (Mechanical Mice) 1968
Icon Batman: The Animated Series - (H.A.R.D.A.C.) an evil, sentient, computer AI that controls various androids for the goal of world domination. 1992
Icon Battle of the Planets - (7-Zark-7 and 1-Rover-1) 1978
Icon Battlestar Galactica - (Cylons, Dagget, Muffet) [Ep: The Long Patrol] (a talking computer named CORA) [Ep: The Lost Warrior] (Red-Eye) / (Hector and Vector) 1978
Icon Beast Machines: Transformers 1999
Icon Benji, Zax and the Alien Prince - (Zax) 1983
Icon Bewitched - [Ep: Paris, Witches Style] (Darin) 1971
Icon BEYBLADE - (Dizzi-labtop) 2002
Icon Beyond Westworld 1980
Icon Big Bad Beetleborgs - (Beetleborg AVs) "Attack Vehicles" / (Gargantis) the Attack Mobile Carrier / (Beetleborg BVs) "Battle Vehicles" / (Roboborg and Boron) 1996
Icon Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot - (Rusty) a boy robot 1996
Icon Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot 1999
Icon Big Wolf on Campus - [Ep: Mr. Roboto] [Ep: The Mertonator] 1999
Icon Bizarre - (Magician) 1980
Icon Blakes 7 - [Ep: Project Avalon] (Avalon) / (Orac) a testy yet powerful supercomputer / (Zen) the somewhat aloof ship's computer of the Liberator 1978
Icon Blakes 7 - [Ep: Death-Watch] (Vinni) 1980
Icon Blakes 7 - [Ep: Headhunter] (Master Android, Muller) [Ep: Games] (Gambit) game playing computer / (Slave) a somewhat subservient computer on the ship Scorpio. 1981
Icon Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - [Ep: Awakening] (Mechanoid, Twiki) [Ep: Unchained Woman/Escape from Zeta] (Twiki and Dr. Forrester) / (Dr. Theopolis) Breadbox-sized sentient computer 1979
Icon Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - [Ep: Ardala Returns] [Ep: Twiki Is Missing] (Twiki) 1980
Icon Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - [Ep: Time of the Hawk/Hawk] (Crichton) 1981
Icon Bucky O'Hare - (Blinky) 1991
Icon Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Series / Buffy - [Ep: I Robot, You Jane] (Moloch) [Ep: Ted] (Ted) 1997
Icon Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Series / Buffy - [Ep: I Was Made To Love You] (April, Buffy-Bot) [Ep: Intervention] (Buffy-Bot) [Ep: Bargaining] (Buffy-Bot) 2001
Icon Buzz Lightyear of Star Command - (XR) the indestrutible, self healing sidekick robot 2000
Icon C.O.P.S. - (Blitz) a robotic dog 1988
Icon Caprica - Caprica is an American science fiction drama television series. A spin-off prequel of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, it takes place about 58 years b... 2010
Icon Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future - (Bio-Dreads) 1987
Icon Captain Video and His Video Rangers - [Ep: I, Tobor] (Tobor) 1953
Icon Captain Video and His Video Rangers - [Ep: The Pits of Doom] [Ep: The Return of Tobor] (Tobor) 1954
Icon Captain Video and His Video Rangers - [Ep: Dr. Pauli's Planet] (Tobor) 1955
Icon Captain Z-Ro - [Ep: Roger the Robot] (Roger) [Ep: The Great Pyramid] 1955
Icon Captain Zep - Space Detective - [Ep: The Tinmen of Coza] 1983
Icon Challenge of the GoBots - (Go-bots) 1984
Icon Challenge of the GoBots 1984
Icon Children of the Dog Star - (Argonauts, Kolob) 1984
Icon Chobits - (Chii) 2002
Icon Chodenji Machine Voltes V - (Voltes V) 1977
Icon Cleopatra 2525 - (Betrayers, Mauser) 2000
Icon Code Lyoko - (XANA) The artificial intelligence known as Xana is obsessed with world domination. 2004
Icon Code Name: Eternity - (Mr Dent) nanotech enforcer 1999
Icon Columbo: Mind Over Mayhem 1974
Icon Come Back Mrs Noah - (French Maid) 1977
Icon Computerman 2003
Icon Conquest of the Earth 1980
Icon Courage the Cowardly Dog - (Computer) 1999
Icon Cowboy Bebop - [Ep: Jamming with Edward] CPU for D-135 Artificial Satellite, dubbed MPU by Radical Edward 1998
Icon Crusade / Babylon 5: Crusade - (Maintenance Bots, Nanviruses) 1999
Icon Cubix: Robots for Everyone 2001
Icon Cyberchase 2002
Icon Dans une galaxie pr?s de chez-vous - (Serge) 1997
Icon Days of Our Lives / Cruise of Deception: Days of Our Lives / DOOL / Days - (Sico) 1965
Icon Delete - Delete is a miniseries about a reporter and a young hacker who uncovers an artificial intelligence which has become sentient. 2011
Icon Digimon Adventure - (Andromon) 1999
Icon Dilbert - [Ep: ?] (Comp-U-Comp) a super computer 2000
Icon Doctor Who - (The Matrix) database of all Time Lord knowledge 1976
Icon Doctor Who - [Ep: The Curse of Fenric] (The Ultima Machine) a WWII code-breaking "computing machine" used to translate Viking inscriptions. 1989
Icon Doctor Who - (Dalek) / [Ep: Bad Wolf] (Anne Droid, Trin-E, Zu-Zana and Davinadroid) 2005
Icon Doctor Who / Dr. Who - (K9) [Ep: The Chase] (Mechonoids) [Ep: Galaxy 4] (Chumblies) 1965
Icon Doctor Who / Dr. Who - [Ep: The War Machines] (War Machines) (WOTAN) "Will Operating Thought ANalogue" [Ep: The Celestial Toymaker] 1966
Icon Doctor Who / Dr. Who - [Ep: The Tomb of the Cybermen] (Cybermats) [Ep: The Abominable Snowman] (Yetis) 1967
Icon Doctor Who / Dr. Who - [Ep: The Web of Fear] (Yetis) [Ep: The Wheel In Space] (Servo Robot) [Ep: The Dominators] (Quarks) [Ep: The Mind Robber] (Clockwork Soldiers, White Robots) 1968
Icon Doctor Who / Dr. Who - [Ep: Spearhead From Space] 1970
Icon Doctor Who / Dr. Who - [Ep: Terror of the Autons] (Autons) [Ep: Colony In Space] (IMC Robot) 1971
Icon Doctor Who / Dr. Who - [Ep: The Time Warrior] (Robot Knight) [Ep: The Green Death] (BOSS) "Bimorphic Organisational Systems Supervisor" 1973
Icon Doctor Who / Dr. Who - [Ep: Robot] (Giant Robot) 1974
Icon Doctor Who / Dr. Who - [Ep: The Sontaran Experiment] (Styre's Robot) [Ep: The Pyramids of Mars] (Mummies) [Ep: The Android Invasion] 1975
Icon Doctor Who / Dr. Who - [Ep: The Robots of Death] (Dums, Super Vocs, Vocs) [Ep: The Face of Evil] (Xoanon) / (K-9) the talking robotic dog 1977
Icon Doctor Who / Dr. Who - [Ep: The Androids of Tara] [Ep: Underworld] (The Oracle) 1978
Icon Doctor Who / Dr. Who - [Ep: Destiny of the Daleks] (Movellans) [Ep: The Armageddon Factor] (Mentalis) 1979
Icon Doctor Who / Dr. Who - [Ep: The Visitation] (Terileptil Android) 1982
Icon Doctor Who / Dr. Who - [Ep: Terminus] (Herding Machine) [Ep: The King's Demons] (Kamelion) 1983
Icon Doctor Who / Dr. Who - [Ep: Planet of Fire] (Kamelion) 1984
Icon Doctor Who / Dr. Who - [Ep: Timelash] 1985
Icon Doctor Who / Dr. Who - [Ep: The Trial of a Time Lord] (L3) 1986
Icon Doctor Who / Dr. Who - [Ep: The Happiness Patrol] (Kandyman) 1988
Icon Doctor Who series - (K-9, Kamelion, the Movellans, and many more) 1963
Icon Dr. Slump - (Arale Norimaki) an android built by Senbei Norimaki that looks like a little girl. 1981
Icon Dragon Ball - (Android 8) 1995
Icon Dragon Ball GT - (Giru, Android 18, Super 17) 2003
Icon Dragon Ball Z - (Android 16, Android 17, Android 18) 1996
Icon Duracell Commercials - (Putterman Family, Flo Putterman, Grandma Putterman, Herb Putterman, Trish Putterman, Zack Putterman) a family of plastic robots, each of the robots having... 1990
Icon Dynomutt Dog Wonder 1978
Icon Earth 2 - [Ep: All About Eve] (Eve) AI computer projecting herself as hologram of beautiful woman. / (Zero) the service robot 1995
Icon Earth: Final Conflict / Gene Roddenberry's Battleground Earth / Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict 1997
Icon Ekkusu bonba / Star Fleet / Super Space Machine X Bomber - (PPA "Perfectly Programmed Android") 1980
Icon Eureka - (S.A.R.A.H.) "Self Actuated Residential Automated Habitat" 2006
Icon Ewoks 1985
Icon Extant - Extant is an American science fiction television dramatic series created by Mickey Fisher and executive produced by Steven Spielberg. The story revolves ar... 2014
Icon Family Matters - [Ep: Robo-Nerd] (Urkelbot) 1991
Icon Fantastic Four - (H.E.R.B.I.E.) 1978
Icon Fantasy Island - [Ep: Wishboned] (Kristen) 1998
Icon Farscape - (DRD "Diagnostic Repair Drones") 1999
Icon FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman - (The FETCH! 3000) 2006
Icon Fireball XL5 - (Robert) [Ep: Wings of Danger] [Ep: The Robot Freighter Mystery] (Robert The Robot) 1962
Icon Futurama - (Bender) a robot / (Flexo, Santa-Bot, Kwanzaa-Bot, Robot Devil) and other assorted robots including the Epsilon Rho Rho fraternity robots. 1999
Icon Futurama - (Bender) a robot / The AI of the Planet Express ship 2002
Icon Future Cop - (Officer Haven) 1976
Icon Future Cop - (John Haven) 1977
Icon G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero - (BATs) "Battle Android Trooper" / (synthoids) 1986
Icon Galactica 1980 / Battlestar Galactica - (Cylons) [Ep: The Night the Cylons Landed] (Andromus, Andromidus) [Ep: The Return of Starbuck] 1980
Icon Galloping Galaxies! - (Robots 7, 20 and 35) (SID) "Space Investigation Detector" the computer onboard the Voyager 1985
Icon Gay Robot 2006
Icon Gemini Man - [Ep: Minotaur] 1976
Icon Get a Life - [Ep: Paperboy-2000] (Paperboy-2000) 1990
Icon Get Smart - [Ep: Back To The Old Drawing Board] (Hymie the Robot) 1966
Icon Get Smart - [Ep: It Takes One to Know One] (Hymie, Octavia) [Ep: When Good Fellows Get Together] (Groppo, Hymie) [Ep: The Girls from KAOS] (ARDVARC) "Automated Recipro... 1967
Icon Get Smart - [Ep: Run, Robot, Run] (Hymie) 1968
Icon Get Smart - [Ep: Leadside] (ARDVARC) "Automated Reciprocal Data Verifier And Reaction Computer" CONTROL master computer 1969
Icon Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - (The tachikomas) 2004
Icon Gigantor 1965
Icon Gilligan's Island - [Ep: Gilligan's Living Doll] 1966
Icon Goldorak 1978
Icon hack//Sign - (Aura) the Ultimate AI that Morganna, another AI, tries to keep in a state of eternal slumber. Morganna is served by Maha and the Guardians, AI monsters. 2002
Icon Hard Time On Planet Earth 1989
Icon Highcliffe Manor - (Bram Shelley) 1979
Icon Holmes and Yo-Yo / Holmes and Yoyo - (Yo-Yo) 1976
Icon Homeboys in Outer Space - (Android Lloyd Wellington III) [Ep: Pleasure Planet Principle, or G Marks the Spot] [Ep: Papa's Got A Brand New Old Bag or, That's No Lady, That... 1996
Icon Honey, I Shrunk the Kids - [Ep: Honey, The Bear is Bad News] (Fwuffy) 1998
Icon Honey, I Shrunk the Kids - [Ep: Honey, You're Driving Me Like Crazy] (Safe-T-Guy) 1999
Icon Invader Zim - (Gir) (Computer) 2001
Icon Jaianto robo / Giant Robo / Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot 1967
Icon Jake 2.0 2003
Icon Jason of Star Command - (Wiki, Peepo) 1979
Icon Jem - (Synergy) the computer responsible for JEM and the Holograms' super powers 1985
Icon Johnny Jupiter - (Major Domo, Reject) 1953
Icon Journey to the Unknown - [Ep: The Madison Equation] (Computex GB) 1969
Icon K9 and Company - (K9) 1981
Icon Kiddy Grade - (Wirbelwind) the quantum computer and AI aboard the spaceship La-Muse. 2002
Icon Kikaider 2003
Icon Kinvig 1981
Icon Knight Rider - (KITT) "Knight Industries Two Thousand" fictional computer built into a car. (KARR) "Knight Automated Roving Robot" prototype of KITT. Unlike KITT, KARR... 1982
Icon Knight Rider - (KITT) Official site 2008
Icon Knight Rider 2000 - (KIFT) 1991
Icon Kolchak: The Night Stalker / The Night Stalker - [Ep: Mr. R.I.N.G.] (R.I.N.G.) 1975
Icon Land of the Giants - [Ep: The Mechanical Man] 1969
Icon Land of the Lost - [Ep: The Zarn] (Sharon) 1975
Icon Late Night with Conan O'Brien - (The Constipated Robot, Pimpbot 5000, Redbone) 1993
Icon Le collectionneur des cerveaux / Les Robots pensants 1976
Icon Lexx / Lexx: The Series / Tales from a Parallel Universe - (790) the sarcastic and perverse bodyless robot head 1997
Icon Lexx / Tales from a Parallel Universe / Lexx: The Series - (790) [Ep: Lafftrak] 2000
Icon Lexx / Tales from a Parallel Universe / Lexx: The Series - (790) [Season 4:] (Carrots) 2001
Icon Logan's Run - [Ep: Logan's Run] (Siri, Draco, Rem) [Ep: Judas Goat] (Rem) 1977
Icon Logan's Run - [Ep: Futurepast] (Ariana, Rem) 1978
Icon Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman / Lois & Clark / The New Adventures of Superman - (Robo Thug) [Ep: Faster than a Speeding Vixen] (Vixen) 1997
Icon Lost In Space - (Robot B-9) 1965
Icon Lost In Space - (Robot) [Ep: War of the Robots] (Robotoid) [Ep: The Ghost Planet] [Ep: The Android Machine] (Verda) [Ep: The Wreck of the Robot] 1966
Icon Lost In Space - (Robot) [Ep: Revolt of the Androids] (Verda) [Ep: The Phantom Family] [Ep: The Mechanical Man] [Ep: Kidnapped in Space] [Ep: The Space Destructors] [Ep: De... 1967
Icon Lost In Space - (Robot) [Ep: The Junkyard of Space] (Mechanical Junkman) 1968
Icon Luna - (Andy) 1983
Icon M.A.N.T.I.S. - [Ep: The Eyes Beyond] [Ep: Virtually Falling Down/Soldier of Misfortune] 1994
Icon Mahoromatic - (Mahoro) 2001
Icon Mann & Machine - (Eve) robot police officer 1992
Icon Marlo and the Magic Movie Machine - (Magic Movie Machine) 1977
Icon Max Headroom - (Max Headroom) the cyber punk TV presenter 1987
Icon Mega Man 1994
Icon Megas XLR - (MEGAS) 2004
Icon Mercy Point - (Ani) 1998
Icon Metal Mickey - (Metal Mickey) 1980
Icon Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers - (Battle Borgs) 1995
Icon Mighty Morphin Power Rangers / Day of the Dumpster / Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers / Power Rangers Ninja / Power Rangers - (Alpha 5, Thunderzords) 1993
Icon Mobile Suit Gundam - (Haro) 1977
Icon Mobile Suit Gundam Wing - The Mobile Doll systems onboard Virgos and other mobile suits 2000
Icon Moero! Robokon / Blazing Robocon! - (Robocon/Robokon) 1999
Icon Mork & Mindy - [Ep: Dr. Morkenstein] (Chuck) 1979
Icon Mutant X - [Ep: The Grift] (QJ14 soldiers) 2001
Icon My Favorite Martian - [Ep: The Man from Uncle Martin] 1966
Icon My Life As a Teenage Robot - (XJ-9) 2003
Icon My Living Doll - (Rhoda Miller, AFF709) 1964
Icon My-HiME - (Miyu Greer) 2004
Icon My-Otome - (Miyu Greer) 2005
Icon Mystery Science Theater 3000 / MST3K / MST3000 - (Tom Servo, Gypsy, Cambot, Crow T. Robot, Nanites) (Magic Voice) the Satellite of Love's onboard computer 1988
Icon Neon Genesis Evangelion - (The Magi) a trinity of computers individually named Melchior, Balthasar and Caspar. 1995
Icon Nickelodeon Robot Wars 2002
Icon Night Gallery / Rod Serling's Night Gallery - [Ep: You Can't Get Help Like That Anymore] [Ep: Class of '99] 1970
Icon Not Quite Human - (Chip) 1987
Icon Not Quite Human II - (Chip, Roberta) 1989
Icon Ocean Girl - (H.E.L.E.N.) a computer system managing the underwater marine exploration station. 1994
Icon Otherworld - [Ep: Rules of Attraction] (Nova) 1985
Icon Out of the Unknown - [Ep: Andover and the Android] (Lydia) [Ep: The Midas Plague] 1965
Icon Out of the Unknown - [Ep: The Fastest Draw] [Ep: Satisfaction Guaranteed] (Tony/TN3) 1966
Icon Out of the Unknown - [Ep: The Prophet] (Cutie, QT-1) 1967
Icon Out of the Unknown - [Ep: Liar!] (Herbie, RB-34) 1969
Icon Out of This World - [Ep: Little Lost Robot] [Ep: Impostor] 1962
Icon Pee-Wee's Playhouse - (Conky) 1986
Icon Perversions of Science - (Chrome) [Ep: Boxed In] 1997
Icon Phoenix Five - (Carl, Computeroid) 1970
Icon Power Rangers - (Zords) giant fighting machines 1993
Icon Power Rangers in Space - (Blue Senturion) 1998
Icon Power Rangers Lost Galaxy - (Alpha 6) 1999
Icon Power Rangers Time Force - (Doomtron, Dragontron, Megazord, Q-Rex, Frax) 2001
Icon Power Rangers Turbo - (Robot Rangers) (Alpha 5, Alpha 6) (Blue Senturion) 1997
Icon Power Rangers Zeo - (Cogs, Puppetman) 1996
Icon Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive - (Alpha 6, Mackenzie Hartford) 2007
Icon Power Rangers: S.P.D. - (R.I.C. 2.0) Robotic Interactive Canine who transforms itself into a Canine Cannon. / (S.O.P.H.I.E.) Series One Processor Hyper Intelligent Encriptor who i... 2005
Icon Power Rangers: Wild Force - (Alpha 7) 2002
Icon Priklyucheniya Elektronika / The Adventures of the Electronic - (Electronic) 1980
Icon Prototype - (Michael) 1983
Icon Purple Death from Outer Space 1966
Icon Quantum Leap - (Ziggy) hybrid computer 1989
Icon Quark - (Vanessa 38-24-36) 1978
Icon Quark - (Andy) 1978
Icon Read All About It - (Otto, Theta) 1981
Icon Really Weird Tales - [Ep: All's Well That Ends Strange] 1987
Icon ReBoot 1994
Icon Red Dwarf - (Skutters, Bob, Madge) [Ep: Future Echoes] (Goldfish, Lennon, McCartney) [Ep: Kryten] (Brooke, Mechanoid, Kryten) [Ep: Stasis Leak] (Luggage) (Kryten and L... 1988
Icon Red Dwarf - [Ep: The Last Day] (Hudzen 10, Mechanoid) 1989
Icon Red Dwarf - [Ep: Camille] (Camille, Mechanoid) [Ep: Justice] (Mechanoid, Simulants) [Ep: Meltdown] (Caligula, Elvis, Gandhi, Hitler, Stan Laurel, Waxdroids) 1991
Icon Red Dwarf - [Ep: Inquisitor] (Inquisitor) 1992
Icon Red Dwarf - [Ep: Legion] (Legion) [Ep: Gunmen of the Apocalypse] (Simulants) 1993
Icon Red Dwarf - [Ep: Beyond A Joke] (Able, Mechanoid) [Ep: Nanarchy] (Nanobots) 1997
Icon Red Dwarf - [Ep: Back In The Red, Part 1] (Nanobots) [Ep: Pete, Part 2] (Archie) 1999
Icon Riptide - (Roboz) 1984
Icon Robin De Robot 1975
Icon Robo Story 1985
Icon Robocop / Robocop: The Series - [Ep: Nanno] (Nanobots) 1994
Icon RoboCop: The Animated Series 1994
Icon Robot Chicken 2005
Icon Robot Chicken: Star Wars 2007
Icon Robot Emil - (Emil) 1960
Icon Robotboy 2005
Icon Robotech - a very advanced android with some sort of bio-electric device "as an artificial soul." 1985
Icon Robotech II: The Sentinels - (Janice Em) "Junctioned Artificial Neuro-Integrated Cybernetic Entity" a sexy robot with an android body. 1987
Icon Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles 2005
Icon Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles - (Janice Em) "Junctioned Artificial Neuro-Integrated Cybernetic Entity" a sexy robot with an android body. 2007
Icon Rocky Jones, Space Ranger 1954
Icon Rolie Polie Olie 1998
Icon Saber Marionette - The marionettes 1995
Icon Saber Marionette J - The marionettes 1997
Icon Saber Marionette J Again - The marionettes 1998
Icon Saber Marionette J to X - The marionettes 1999
Icon Sahyeong samgeol / Three Robot Heroes 1981
Icon Salvage 1 - [Ep: Mermadon] (Mermadon) 1979
Icon Samurai Jack 2001
Icon seaQuest DSV - [Ep: Playtime] (CentSys) sweet yet self-assured female-voiced AI computer who brings the crew of the SeaQuest into the future to deactivate her. 1994
Icon Sesame Street - (S.A.M) 1970
Icon Shields and Yarnell - (Klinkers) 1977
Icon Shin seiki evangelion / Neon Genesis Evangelion 1995
Icon Sliders - [Ep: State of the A.R.T.] (A.N.G.I.E., D.E.R.I.C., D.063, E.L.M., E.R.I., E.R.I.C.A., M.A.T.T., P.A.U.L., R.P.P., T.E.D.) 1996
Icon Slim John - (Slim John) a robot 1969
Icon Small Wonder - (Vicki & Vanessa Lawson, VICI) 1985
Icon Smash Advertisements - TV Commercial with martian robots 1973
Icon Son of the Beach - [Ep: Fanny & The Professor] 2000
Icon Sonic the Hedgehog - (Nicole) Princess Sally's computer 1993
Icon South Park - (Bill Cosby, Mecha-Streisand) 1997
Icon Space Academy - (Peepo) 1977
Icon Space Cases - (Thelma) 1996
Icon Space Island One - (Roam One & Roam Two) 1998
Icon Space Patrol / Planet Patrol - [Ep: The Robot Revolution] 1963
Icon Space Patrol / Planet Patrol - [Ep: Explosion on the Sun] [Ep: The Telepathic Robot] (Busy Lizzie) 1964
Icon Space Rangers 1993
Icon Space: 1999 - [Ep: The Infernal Machine] (Gwent) [Ep: One Moment of Humanity] (Zamara, Zarl) [Ep: Brian and Brain] (Brian) [Ep: The Beta Cloud] 1976
Icon Star Command 1996
Icon Star Cops - (Box) a small, box shaped computer 1987
Icon Star Trek - [Ep: What Are Little Girls Made Of ?] (Andrea, Dr. Roger Korby, Ruk) [Ep: Mud's Women] (Norman) The "CPU" of all the robots. / (Dr. Korby, Rayna, the Nomad... 1966
Icon Star Trek - (The Library Computer) [Ep: Shore Leave] (Black Knight, Don Juan, Alice in Wonderland, Finnegan, Ruth, Samurai Warrior, Tiger, White Rabbit) [Ep: The Chang... 1967
Icon Star Trek - [Ep: Return to Tomorrow] [Ep: The Ultimate Computer] (M5) an experimental computer [Ep: For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky] (The Oracle) 1968
Icon Star Trek - [Ep: Requiem For Methuselah] (Rayna Kapec, M4) 1969
Icon Star Trek: Deep Space Nine / Star Trek: DS9 / Deep Space Nine / DS9 - [Ep: Whispers] (Replicant) 1994
Icon Star Trek: Enterprise - [Ep: Dead Stop] 2001
Icon Star Trek: The Animated Series 1973
Icon Star Trek: The Next Generation - (Data) [Ep: The Arsenal of Freedom] 1988
Icon Star Trek: The Next Generation - (Data) [Ep: Evolution] (Nanites) 1989
Icon Star Trek: The Next Generation - (Data) [Ep: The Offspring] (Lal) 1990
Icon Star Trek: The Next Generation - (Data) [Ep: The Quality of Life] (Exocomp) 1992
Icon Star Trek: The Next Generation - (Data) [Ep: Inheritance] (Dr. Juliana Tainer) 1993
Icon Star Trek: The Next Generation - [Ep: Emergence] The Enterprise shows signs it is developing an artificial intelligence. 1994
Icon Star Trek: The Next Generation - [Ep: Ship in a bottle] Data and La Forge are enjoying a Sherlock Holmes holodeck program when the two notice that a character programmed to be left-handed ... 1993
Icon Star Trek: The Next Generation / Star Trek: TNG - (Data, Lore, and Lal) (Computer) the all purpose, voice activated computer found on board the Enterprise and other spaceships. (LCARS) fictional computer a... 1987
Icon Star Trek: Voyage - [Ep: Night] (Dr Satan's Robot) 1998
Icon Star Trek: Voyager - (Seven of Nine, The Doctor "Emergency Medical Hologram") 1995
Icon Star Trek: Voyager - [Ep: Prototype] (Automated Personnel Units) 1996
Icon Star Trek: Voyager - [Ep: Bride of Chaotica!] [Ep: The Adventures of Captain Proton] (Satan's Robot) a meta-fictional robot 1999
Icon Star Trek: Voyager - [Ep: War Head] An away mission on an uninhabited planet find a small spaceship, crashed and damaged. Upon finding that its programming is fully sentient an... 1999
Icon Star Trek: Voyager - [Ep: Latent Image] The Doctor has reached a point in his personal development where he deserves the chance to evolve beyond the constraints of his program ... 1999
Icon Star Trek: Voyager - [Ep: Spirit Folk] The crew continues to enjoy the Fair Haven holodeck program. After Tom Paris' suggestion, the holoprogram is set to run continuously, but... 2000
Icon Star Wars: Clone Wars 2003
Icon Star Wars: Droids - (R2-D2, C-3PO) 1985
Icon Stargate SG-1 - [Ep: Brief Candle] (Nanocytes) 1997
Icon Stargate SG-1 - [Ep: Tin Man] 1998
Icon Stargate SG-1 - [Ep: Double Jeopardy - Season Four] SG-1 arrives on Juna, where they are captured by Cronus' forces, where Cronus himself doesn't take the reunion well. Ho... 2001
Icon Stargate SG-1 - [Ep: Entity - Series 4] When Stargate Command dials P9C-372 and send a MALP, they discover highly advanced life. Suddenly the MALP seems to start flying, a... 2001
Icon Stargate SG-1 - [Ep: Menace - Season 5] SG-1 finds Reese the last of her people on her home planet. They take her back and soon learn that she is an android. Furthermore, ... 2002
Icon Steel Justice - (Robosaurus) 1992
Icon Still Not Quite Human - (Chip, Spartacus) 1992
Icon Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! 2004
Icon Superboy / The Adventures of Superboy - [Ep: War of the Species] 1989
Icon Superboy / The Adventures of Superboy - [Ep: Know Thine Enemy] 1991
Icon Superboy / The Adventures of Superboy - [Ep: Superboy... Rest In Peace] (MX-307, Serene) 1992
Icon Suspect Device 1995
Icon Tales from the Darkside - (Simon) a humanoid robot with the mind scanned from a dead little boy with AI technology. 1983
Icon Teach 109 1990
Icon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Planet of the Turtleoids 1991
Icon Tek War - (Police Androids, Simulacrums) 1994
Icon Teknoman 1995
Icon Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is an American science fiction television series produced by Warner Bros. Television and C2 Pictures, spinning off ... 2008
Icon Terrahawks - (Birlgoy, Cubes, Cy-Star, Goybirl, Sergeant Major Zero, Space Sergeant 101, Yung-Star, Zelda, Zeroids) 1983
Icon The Addams Family - [Ep: The Addams Family Meet the VIPs] 1964
Icon The Addams Family - [Ep: Lurch's Little Helper] 1966
Icon The Advanced Guard / The Colony 1998
Icon The Adventures of Don Quick - [Ep: People Isn't Everything] (Skip) 1970
Icon The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius - (Vox) / (Goddard) a robot pet dog 2002
Icon The Android Affair - (Teach) 1995
Icon The Avengers - [Ep: The Cybernauts] (Cybernauts) 1965
Icon The Avengers - [Ep: Never, Never Say Die] (Replicant) [Ep: Return of the Cybernauts] 1967
Icon The Avengers - [Ep: Killer] (REMAK) "Remote Electro-Matic Agent Killer" 1969
Icon The Big O - (R. Dorothy Wayneright) 2001
Icon The Bionic Woman - [Ep: Kill Oscar I] 1976
Icon The Bionic Woman - [Ep: Fembots of Las Vegas I/II] (Fembots) [Ep: Doomsday is Tomorrow] (Alex7000) It was programmed to set off a nuclear holocaust if anyone tested any more ... 1977
Icon The Body Electric 1985
Icon The Bots Master - a genius boy called Ziv "ZZ" Zulander who controls many robots. 1993
Icon The Boy From Andromeda - (Mechanoid) 1991
Icon The Brak Show - (Thunderclese) 2000
Icon The Carol Burnett Show - [Ep: Humanoids] 1974
Icon The Caves of Steel / Story Parade: The Caves of Steel - (R. Daneel Olivaw, R. Sammy) 1964
Icon The Companion - (Companions, Geoffrey) 1994
Icon The Ed and Zed Show - (Zed) the rebel robot 1970
Icon The Electric Grandmother - -(Electric Grandmother) 1982
Icon The Expendables 1999
Icon The Fantastic Journey - [Ep: Beyond the Mountain] 1977
Icon The Flash - [Ep: Alpha] (Alpha One, Omega One) / (Beta) 1991
Icon The Girl Who Loved Robot / Wednesday Play: The Girl Who Loved Robots 1965
Icon The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island / The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders on Gilligan's Island 1981
Icon The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy / The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - (Marvin) 1981
Icon The Jetsons - (Rosie the Maid) 1962
Icon The Krofft Supershow / The Krofft Superstar Hour 1976
Icon The Lost Saucer - (Fi, Fum) 1975
Icon The Man from U.N.C.L.E. - [Ep: The Sort-of-Do-It-Yourself-Dreadful Affair] (Margo Hayward) 1966
Icon The Max Headroom Show - (Max Headroom) 1985
Icon The Metal Martyr / Thirty Minute Theatre: The Metal Martyr - (Robot Two) 1967
Icon The Mr. Zed Show - (Mr. Zed) 1995
Icon The Munsters' Revenge 1981
Icon The New Addams Family - [Ep: Lurch's Little Helper] 1999
Icon The New Avengers - [Ep: The Last of the Cybernauts...??] (Cybernauts) 1976
Icon The New Avengers - (Scapina) "Special Computerised Automated Project In North America" It was an office building controlled by a computer which turned homicidal. 1979
Icon The Outer Limits - [Ep: I, Robot] (Adam) 1964
Icon The Outer Limits - [Ep: The Brain of Colonel Barham] 1965
Icon The Outer Limits - [Ep: Valerie 23] (Valerie 23) [Ep: The New Breed] (Nanobots) [Ep: I, Robot] (Adam) 1995
Icon The Outer Limits - [Ep: Resurrection] (Alicia, Martin, Moloch) 1996
Icon The Outer Limits - [Ep: In Our Own Image] (Mac 27) [Ep: The Hunt] (Kel) [Ep: Identity Crisis] (McCoy) [Ep: Mary 25] (Mary 25) [Ep: The Promised Land] 1998
Icon The Outer Limits - [Ep: Small Friends] (MEMS) [Ep: The Human Operators] (Starship 31) the sapient spaceborne battleship 1999
Icon The Outer Limits - [Ep: Simon Says] (Simon) [Ep: Glitch] (Tom) 2000
Icon The Outer Limits - [Ep: Family Values] (Gideon 4000) [Ep: Mona Lisa] (Mona Lisa) 2001
Icon The Outsider / Gangster World / Semi Automatic - (RCUs "Robotic Carbon Units") 1998
Icon The Powerpuff Girls - (DyNaMo) 1998
Icon The Powers of Matthew Star 1982
Icon The Prisoner - (The General) 1967
Icon The Questor Tapes - (Questor) 1974
Icon The Questor Tapes - (Questor) 1974
Icon The Ray Bradbury Theatre / The Ray Bradbury Theater / The Bradbury Trilogy / Mystery Theatre / Ray Bradbury Pr?sente - [Ep: Marionettes Inc.] (John Braling) 1985
Icon The Ray Bradbury Theatre / The Ray Bradbury Theater / The Bradbury Trilogy / Mystery Theatre / Ray Bradbury Pr?sente - [Punishment Without Crime] (Abraham Lincoln) 1988
Icon The Ray Bradbury Theatre / The Ray Bradbury Theater / The Bradbury Trilogy / Mystery Theatre / Ray Bradbury Presente - [Ep: Downwind From Gettysburg] (Abraham Lincoln) 1992
Icon The Return of Captain Nemo 1978
Icon The Santa Clause 2 - Toy Santa 2002
Icon The Sarah Jane Adventures - (Mr Smith) a fictional extra-terrestrial computer voice. 2007
Icon The Saturday Banana - (Metal Mickey) a 5 foot tall fictional robot character 1980
Icon The Secret World of Alex Mack - [Ep: Operation: Breakout] (PVP 9000) 1996
Icon The Simpsons : I, (Annoyed Grunt)-Bot - Homer, wanting Bart to be proud of him, tries to build a battle robot for the "Robot Rumble". He fails to construct one, then decides to build a robot with... 2004
Icon The Six Million Dollar Man - [Ep: Day of the Robot] (Major Sloan) 1974
Icon The Six Million Dollar Man - [Ep: Return of the Robot Maker] 1975
Icon The Six Million Dollar Man - [Ep: Kill Oscar II] (Fembots) 1976
Icon The Space Giants / Captain Magma / Monsters from Outer Space - (Gam, Goldar, Silvar) 1967
Icon The Stepford Children 1987
Icon The Strange Case of Senor Computer 2000
Icon The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross 1984
Icon The Super Dimension Fortress Macross - Anime television series, combines giant transforming robots, apocalyptic battles, wartime romance, and victory through the use of various unconventional me... 1982
Icon The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians 1985
Icon The Three Robonic Stooges 1977
Icon The Tomorrow Man - (Kent) 1996
Icon The Tomorrow People - [Ep: The Slaves of Jedikiah] (Jedikiah) / (TIM) a computer able to telepathically converse with those humans who have developed psionic abilities, and assi... 1973
Icon The Tomorrow People - [Ep: The Return of Jedikiah] 1975
Icon The Tower - (CAS) "Cybernetic access structure" homicidal automated building 1993
Icon The Transformers - (The Transformers) / (Teletraan I) the Autobots' computer in Transformers. (Vector Sigma) the supercomputer in Transformers, responsible for creating t... 1984
Icon The Tripods - (Tripods) 1984
Icon The Twilight Zone - [Ep: The Lonely] (Alicia) 1959
Icon The Twilight Zone - [Ep: Elegy] (Wickwire) [Ep: The Mighty Casey] (Casey) [Ep: The Lateness of the Hour] (Jana Loren) 1960
Icon The Twilight Zone - [Ep: I Sing The Body Electric] (Electric Grandmother) 1962
Icon The Twilight Zone - [Ep: In His Image] (Alan Talbot) [Ep: Steel] (Battling Maxo, Maynard Flash) [Ep: Uncle Simon] 1963
Icon The Twilight Zone - [Ep: The Brain Center at Whipple's] 1964
Icon The Unforeseen - [Ep: Checkmate] 1960
Icon The Venture Bros - (H.E.L.P.eR.) 2003
Icon The Wild Wild West / The Wild West - [Ep: The Night of the Big Blast] [Ep: The Night of the Puppeteer] 1966
Icon The X-Files - [Ep: Ghost in the Machine] (COS) "Central Operating System" homicidal computer - Mulder and Scully investigate the mysterious death of a corporate executiv... 1993
Icon The X-Files - [Ep: Kill Switch] - The mysterious death of a computer genius leads Mulder and Scully into a life-threatening investigation of a sentient computer program ... 1998
Icon The X-Files - [Ep: First Person Shooter] - The episode opens with three men with futuristic combat gear and automatic weapons, who enter a virtual reality game called "F... 2000
Icon The Zeta Project - (Zeta) 2001
Icon Thunderbirds / Turbocharged Thunderbirds - [Ep: The Mighty Atom] 1965
Icon Time Squad - (Larry 3000) 2001
Icon Time Trax - (SELMA) "Selective Encapsulated Limitless Memory Archive" carried in the wallet of future cop Darien Lambert (Dale Midkiff), and good wherever MasterCard i... 1993
Icon To Heart - (Multi "HMX-12", Serio "HMX-13") experimental humanoid maid robots 1999
Icon ToHeart2 - (HMX-17a Ilfa, HMX-17b Milfa, HMX-17c Shilfa) are experimental maid robot. 2007
Icon Tom Tom - (Serendipity Dog) a robot dog that asked questions. 1966
Icon Tosho Daimos / Battle Commander Daimos 1978
Icon Total Recall 2070 / Total Recall: The Series - (Ian Farve) CPB officer 1999
Icon Totally Spies! - (GLADIS) "Gadget Learning And Distributive Interactive System" 2001
Icon Transformers Cybertron 2005
Icon Transformers Energon 2004
Icon Transformers: Armada 2002
Icon Transformers: Beast Wars 1996
Icon Transformers: Robots in Disguise 2001
Icon Transformers: The Headmasters 1987
Icon Transformers: Victory 1989
Icon Trinity Blood - (Gunslinger) 2005
Icon Tripping the Rift - (Six "sex-android", Gus) 2004
Icon Twisted Tales / Twisted - [Ep: Directly from My Heart to You] 1996
Icon Ulysses 31 - (Shyrka) the onboard computer of Ulysses' ship / (No-No) 1981
Icon Unknown Origin / The Alien Within - (Brill) 1995
Icon V.R. Troopers / Cybertron - (VR Troopertron) 1994
Icon Voltron: Defender of the Universe - (Voltron) a giant mecha robot 1984
Icon Voltron: The Third Dimension 1998
Icon Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - [Ep: The Indestructible Man] [Ep: The Machines Strike Back] 1965
Icon Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - [Ep: The Wax Men] (Wax Men) [Ep: The Deadly Dolls] (Professor Multiple) 1967
Icon W.E.I.R.D. World 1995
Icon War of the Worlds / War of the Worlds: The Second Invasion - [Ep: The Angel of Death] (Synth) 1988
Icon Weird Science - [Ep: Copper Top Girl] (Rachel) 1994
Icon Weird Science - [Ep: Puppet Love] [Ep: Chett-A-Nator] (Chett/Chett-A-Nator) [Ep: Cyborg Sam I Am] 1996
Icon Welcome to Paradox - [Ep: Acute Triangle] [Ep: Into the Shop] 1998
Icon Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? - (Robot Jones) 2002
Icon Wheel 2000 / Wheel of Fortune 2000 - (Cyber Lucy) 1997
Icon Whitney and the Robot - (4U2) 1979
Icon Wonder Woman / The New Adventures of Wonder Woman / The New Original Wonder Woman - (IRAC or Ira) an extremely advanced computer / [Ep: The Deadly Toys] ( ? ) 1977
Icon Wonder Woman / The New Adventures of Wonder Woman / The New Original Wonder Woman - [Ep: Spaced Out] 1979
Icon Xiaolin Showdown - Jack Spicer's army of Jack-bots, including robots of himself and other people. 2003

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