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Icon A for Andromeda - (Andromeda) 1961
Icon Adventures of Superman - [Ep: The Runaway Robot] (Hero) 1953
Icon Adventures of Superman - [Ep: The Gentle Monster] (Mr McTavish) 1957
Icon Alfred Hitchcock Presents - [Ep: The Romance Machine] 1985
Icon Android Kikaider / Kikaida: Android of Justice / Kikaider - (Angler Brown, Bitter Orange Snail, Black Chameleon, Black Crow, Black Horse, Black Porcupine, Blue Buffalo, Blue Bulldog, Blue Electric Eel, Blue Waterbug... 1972
Icon Andromeda - (Andromeda Ascendant or Rommie) The AI of the starship Andromeda. This AI, played by Lexa Doig, appears as a 2D display screen image, a 3D hologram, and as... 2000
Icon Annihilator 1986
Icon Aqua Teen Hunger Force - [Ep: Super Computer] (OoGhiJ MIQtxxXA) supposedly Klingon for "superior galactic intelligence" 2003
Icon Are You Afraid of the Dark? - [Ep: The Tale of the Virtual Pets] (Diggers) 1999
Icon Ark II - [Ep: The Robot] 1976
Icon Assassin 1986
Icon Astar - (TV commercial 1980s) "I'm ASTAR, a robot. I can put my arm back on. You can't. So PLAYSAFE!" 1980
Icon Astro Boy - (Astro Boy) 1963
Icon Astro Boy - (Astro) 2004
Icon Atomic Betty - (X-5) 2004
Icon Automan 1983

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